Agent Obfusco
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Season 1, Episode 12b
Production Information
Air DateDecember 10, 2014
Written byGuy Toubes
Directed byStefan Scaini
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Agent Obfusco is the B-plot of the 12th episode of Odd Squad.


Olive and Otto become concerned when they find out their Odd Squad test is being administered by Agent Obfusco, a mysterious agent who speaks only in word problems.

Learning Goal

Firguring out word problems and picking apart given information,


Olive and Otto are on a case where a man has Pirate-itis. They zap him with a parrot ray, and then leave, although they forget to take his box of treasure. They return to headquarters, but on the way to their desks, Ms. O eats their badges and tells them they’ve expired. They need to retake their Odd Squad Test... under the instruction of Agent Obfusco.

Obfusco tells them that they look like two butterflies in the wing of a dove flying to Nicaragua for winter. The agents must head to the Mathroom to start their test. Olive and Otto question how do they go to the Mathroom without their badges. Obfusco tells them that there is another entrance to the Mathroom. He creates a portal with a gadget, and they head through it to the Mathroom.

Obfusco tells them that, smooth as ketchup on a sweater made of sand, every Odd Squad agent must know how to use the tubes. Mathroom shows pictures of many tubes, and Obfusco tells them to find the one going to the park. Truer words were spoken by a cheetah on roller skates.

He gives them a word problem, which the agents solve while he makes soup in his hat. They find that it’s Tube 8. Obfusco congratulates his beautiful toothbrushes and tells them to perform several tasks while Obfusco’s Song plays... naming all Odd Squad agents alphabetically, push-ups, swimming in the ball pit, pretending to be cowboys, and more.

They return to the Mathroom like freckles on a pickle. Obfusco says one challenge remains and turns Otto into pudding. Obfusco tells Olive to find the the Un-Pudding-Inator and gives her a word problem to do so however, Olive is extremely anxious to see her partner turned into pudding. Olive eventually solves the word problem and turns Otto back into a human being while Obfusco dances. But Obfusco tells her that like a candle on the moon, she was too slow. They fail the test.

As Obfusco leaves, he accidentally gets stuck in the Portalinator’s portal. He tells them there’s a shutoff code which is very easy. He thought of it at 2:30 PM on March 9, 1983, while dancing with kangaroos. He decided that the shutoff code is 1-2-3. Olive types the codes in, zaps him, and Obfusco thanks his whistling horses and tells them they pass. Olive thanks Obfusco, and tells him that he is a man of many flowers and few raccoons. Obfusco cries from the thoughtful sentiment, and Ms. O tells the agents to fix something odd.




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