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For the Odd Squad librarian seen in Season 3 with a similar name, see Oceana.

Ocean runs the Odd Squad Creature Room. He is an expert on animals, and is considered a "creature whisperer".


  • "Chill, dude, everything's fine."
  • "Catch ya later, mouth brow!"
  • "Oh yeah."


  • Ocean likes to play the ukelele; he can also control and hypnotize creatures.
  • As shown in the episode "Good Egg Bad Egg", Ocean's favorite number is 7.
  • He's bi-ethnic.
  • He likes using surfer lingo.
  • He is the only agent who doesn't wear socks.
  • His favorite food is pears, if it's the season.
  • "Who Is Agent Otis?" marks the first time he has solved a case outside of HQ.


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