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Agent Ohlm is Otto's temporary partner in "O is Not For Over". He later becomes Orchid's partner and stays her partner throughout Season 2. Ms. O hired him because she believes he's unpredictable and a master of confusion, and doesn't know what he is doing. However, Ohlm isn't in fact who he seems to be...

Spoiler alert.png This article contains spoilers concerning "Odds and Ends"


In Season 1's "O is Not For Over" and throughout the course of Season 2, Ohlm appears to be not the brightest of agents. He isn't good at solving cases. He's more focused on playing rather than working. Most of the other agents find him obnoxious. He eats yogurt from the wrong side of the spoon. He tends to get lost a lot. In "Partner Problems", he claims that he got lost attending The Academy.

True Personality

In the episode "Odds and Ends", Ohlm reveals he has always been a villain in disguise and was the cause of all the villain break-ins that happened over the course of Season 2. Ohlm became a villain because he was not allowed to become The Big O immediately after exiting the Academy. As a villain, he is cold, calculating, intelligent, and ambitious; a far cry from the imbecile he pretends to be as an agent. He notably wears wire-frame glasses and slicks his hair back to demonstrate his true state of mind.


He has gelled brown/black hair styled in a slicked esque look. He also has black eyes like his hair (but a little lighter). He is known to either have tan or fair skin.


  • "It's Ohlm, with a K."
  • "Sire, Meem, I need to commandeer that mape."
  • "It's pronounced 'Ohlm'."


Season 1

Season 2


  • Agent Ohlm used to be Otto's partner in "O is Not For Over" because Otto's partner Olive became a Ms. O. However, towards the end of that episode, Otto became a Mr. O and Ohlm was reassigned to be partners with Orchid.
  • Ohlm apparently has no idea how to do his job which is probably not true due to him not really being that foolish.
  • His favorite color is "chairs".
  • He claims to be 65 in dog years, which is equivalent to about 9 human years.
  • Ohlm says he loves pans, especially from Hong Kong but we don't know if that is the case.
  • He represents the Odd Complaint Department, and his complaints are as follows:
    • He doesn't like pizza crusts.
    • He also doesn't like when other people don't eat their pizza crusts, because then he has to look at them.
    • He doesn't like Monday, because he thinks it should come after Thursday.
    • And he thinks the color green should be eliminated entirely.
    • He also wants to complain because no one likes to hear his complaints.
    • This indicates Ohlm is the most stubborn agent in the squad.
  • Ohlm has a pet hamster.
  • He doesn't like moles, as mentioned in the puppy calendar.
  • Ohlm once "got lost" in Olympia's desk. He was likely not actually lost.
  • His parents are not the first time any family members of any Odd Squad agent made an appearance in the show. Orchid is revealed to have a grandpa as mentioned in Trading Places.
  • His full name is revealed to be Ohlm Ohlm.
  • Agent Orchid only learned that Ohlm was her partner in Partner Problems, twenty episodes after they were assigned to be partners.
  • He is the second agent to become a villain after Agent Todd, and it is implied that following the events of the Season 2 finale, he was fired from Odd Squad.