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Howdy-do, agents!
— Agent Oona

Agent Oona is a scientist at Odd Squad. She is an expert on gadgets and tends to follow in Oscar's footsteps, both figuratively and literally. She is now the head of the Science Department in Precinct 13579. She has lots of friends, notably Olympia and Otis.


Oona can be a very comical but somewhat socially inept character. Oona is known for her hyperactive activity and her slight over-exaggerations. Despite all of this, Oona is still an extraordinary genius. She is able to build gadgets as well and as often as Oscar did.


Oscar: Mentor/Idol

Ms. O: Boss

Agent Olympia and Agent Otis: Friends/Co-workers

Agent Ocean: Co-worker/Friend

Olive and Otto: Idols (sort of, not as much as they are for Olympia)


Her brown, straight hair down is in a half ponytail up do held by a small green hairtie (about a cup length). She is skinny; but short and her eye colour looks the same with her hair, but with lighter tanned skin.


  • Oona's lab coat is stuffed with compliments.
  • Her first day was March 1st, 2016.
  • She can lasso.
  • Oona's favorite food is Glow-Nuts.
  • Her bowtie size is 9, which happens to be the same size as Oscar.
  • She is on-and-off colorblind and sensitive to dairy.
  • Allegedly she has a twin sister who does not work at Odd Squad.
  • She has a habit of dropping gadgets and other things, which is a problem. Oscar also had this issue.
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road.
  • She is not really into Soundcheck. She does, however, like the band Noise Test, as seen in Dr. O: Party Time, Excellent.
  • She is allergic to lettuce.
  • She does not really like boats.
  • In later Season 2, Oona redid her interview, marking the only time this has happened in the show.
  • Her tie can turn her into various things.
  • Her actress Olivia Presti's name also begins with the letter "O".


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  • "Howdy-do!!"
  • "What am I, crazy?"
  • "I picked the wrong day to stop talking to myself."