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For the Investigation agent seen in Season 3 who is a main character, see Agent Opal.

Not much is known about Agent Opa. She loves to organize things by color. After the episode A Job Well Undone, it is revealed that Opa is Agent Orson under a disguise.


  • "Guessssss!"

History (contains spoilers)

When Agent Orson lost the Agent of the Month award to Olympia and Otis for the first time, Otis wasn’t able to claim the award unless he finished all of his paperwork. Typically, all an agent has to do is go to the file room and hand it to Ms. O, but Orson came up with a plan to stop him from handing it in. Orson disguised himself as “Agent Opa,” and whenever Otis tried to complete his paperwork, “Opa” found a minor flaw and forced him to fix it, wasting time. However, the disguise wasn‘t perfect, and Olympia and Otis uncovered Orson.


  • Opa's tie size is 5.
  • She has a bookshelf that is organized by colors.
  • She enjoys teething rings and milk.