Agent Orchid was one of the younger agents in Odd Squad, however she is now one of the more experienced ones. She tends to be extremely stubborn, and loves dinosaurs, manipulating people, and giving disappointing looks. Orchid always does the opposite of what she is told to do, which sometimes makes her vulnerable to reverse psychology. Her partner becomes Agent Ohlm in Season 2


  • "I find that very underwhelming."
  • "Dinosaurs crossing."
  • "If you asked me that BEFORE I met Sherman, I would have told you I needed EVERYTHING! But now, I don't need a thing!"
  • "I'm less about material objects, and more about experiences."
  • "Yeah, I'm just going to call you Sherman."


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  • She has been working at the Squad for five years.
  • Michela Luci, the actress who plays her, is currently best known for the voice of True from "True and the Rainbow Kingdom" and Dana from Amazon Prime/TVOKids's "Dino Dana".
  • She tends to call people, things, and places 'Sherman'.
  • She likes Blobs and Centigurps.
  • She builds very good sandcastles, as seen in her agent interview.
  • She mentions she has a brother in 'Not So Splash'.
  • Throughout the series, Orchid is seen with 3 partners
  • Although Agent Ori is not partners with Orchid, they are seen working together like partners in "Worst First Day Ever".
  • She and Oprah are the only members of Odd Squad to appear in all 3 seasons.


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ODD SQUAD - Meet Agent Orchid - PBS KIDS

ODD SQUAD - Meet Agent Orchid - PBS KIDS


  1. Mentioned in "Not So Splash"
  2. As seen in "Trading Places".

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