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I am Orla.
— Orla

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Agent Orla is one of the main protagonists of Season 3 of Odd Squad. She is one of the eldest members of the Squad, being 500 years old.


She was the guardian of the 44-Leaf Clover and an ancient Odd Squad Headquarters, who initially mistook Opal, Omar and Oswald for villains. Once they prove to her they are Odd Squad agents, she leads them to the 44-Leaf Clover and befriends them in the process, later forming the Mobile Unit with them.


She is a fierce, tough warrior and Odd Squad agent who is unfamiliar with the modern world. As such, she speaks in Shakespearean-style wording quite often. She has been known to rush through things such as directions, as demonstrated in "Portalandia".


Agent Oswald


Agent Opal


Agent Omar


Physical Appearance

Orla has light skin, messy black hair tied up into a funny fan chignon with a braid that's tucked out loosely on her right ear of her hair attached with a gold wire hair extension. She has brown eyes.


  • She is 499 years old, but turned 500 in "Orla's Birthday".
  • She is the sixth character that is confirmed to be alive for an unusually long time, the others being Oprah, O'Donahue, Yucks Shmumbers, Orville, and Chuck Shmumbers.
  • She doesn't like cakes and balloons.
  • While guarding the 44-Leaf Clover, she had a best friend named Bouldy, who was a boulder. She states that, "We were friends until we were not."
  • She is capable of telepathy, as seen in "Oddness in NYC".
  • Starting from Odd Off The Press, she wears braces.

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