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Agent Oscar is a scientist who built gadgets in the Odd Squad Lab.


Because Oscar is an inventor, he does not have a partner. However, he is a huge help to the agents. Oscar has invented most of the gadgets the agents use. Though the gadgets are very useful, they tend to get agents into all sorts of crazy trouble.

As of Season 2, Oscar takes on a scientist named Oona as his lab assistant.

He is the Odd Squad lab director and the "head" of the inventors at Precinct 13579. As of "Oscar Strikes Back", he is promoted to President of Scientists following Obbs's deposition, while Oona takes over his lab.


Oscar is kind, responsible, very organized, and supportive of others, especially Agents Olive and Otto. He seems to prefer avoiding danger and being cautious, as seen in the abundance of (often redundant) gadgets he creates but tends to get himself and others into trouble anyways. He is extremely quirky, but it is what makes him likable.


  • "Hey, guys!"
  • "Greetings, agents!"
  • "If you could ____, that would be great."
  • "I don't think I'm ready for this!"
  • "No! What am I, crazy?"
  • "Yello!"


  • Oscar has had 600 haircuts, all of which were copied from Odie. Since "The Curious Case of Pirate-itis", however, he has stopped stealing Odie's hair designs.
  • Except in flashbacks, Oscar has only two main hairstyles over the course of the show. The hairstyle he has depends on when the episode was recorded.
  • Oscar created 25 robots that he calls his Oscarbots, in order to create the perfect juice box for Ms. O.
  • His favorite number was 27, but after missing bus 27, he changed it to 10, as seen in "No Ifs, Ands, or Robots".
  • His favorite food is carrots ("How to Interrogate a Unicorn"), yet the website says his favorite food is a pill he made that tastes like any food. Also, his favorite granola bar is a Shmumbercrunch.
  • He makes lots of mistakes. He even makes the same mistakes twice, or sometimes 25 times in a row.
  • Oscar is 11 years old, but after the Make-You-Older-inator went off, he's now a year older, making him 12.
  • Oscar is the first main character who appears with glasses (second is Agent Olympia).
  • In "Jinx", Oscar is looking for a catchphrase, even though his catchphrase is "Hey, Guys!"
  • Oscar is also a capable tailor, as seen in "The Jackies", "The Potato Ultimato" and "Odd Squad: The Movie".
  • Oscar often enters scenes covered in blob or feathers or slime due to an experiment gone wrong. 
  • He has a cousin named "Jeffery", who is hard to understand.
  • He lives on Fourteenth Street.
  • He claims he can speak dolphin, although it sounds likes a seal.
  • He was present during the Great Worm War.
  • He has an overactive imagination, which caused book characters to come to life in "How to Interrogate a Unicorn".
  • In "Olive and Otto in Shmumberland", he took his Yo-Yo show on the road, impling that he is really good with yo-yos.
  • An unnamed band wrote a song about him ("Oscar is Awesome!") and performed it in headquarters in "Trading Places".
  • Oscar's favorite stuffed animal when he was five is a teddy bear named "Norman", which he used as one of the three units of measurements to bury a treasure chest in "Rise of The Hydraclops".
  • He and Dr. O are immune to the Jinx, as they have both had it before.
  • He doesn't know how to swim, as seen in Oscar of All Trades
  • He has 17 lab coats because he gets chilly easily.

Previous Jobs

Oscar was fired from about 60 jobs at Odd Squad before he became a scientist. Some of them include:

  • Tube Operator
  • Security
  • Lifeguard
  • Concession Salesman
  • Air Conditioner Repairman
  • Segway Driver
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Greeter
  • Assistant



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Meet Agent Oscar