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And Then They Were Puppies
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Season 2, Episode 8a
Production Information
Air DateJuly 7, 2016
Written byCharles Johnston
Directed byCourtney Goldman
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Otis's DayA Case of the Sillies

And Then They Were Puppies is the A-Plot of the 8th episode of the second season of Odd Squad.


When every agent turns into a puppy, it's up to Agent Ohlm to save the day.

Olympia's Random Slide

This...isn't either of us.

Learning goal

  • Spatial sense: using a map to identify landmarks and navigate to a location




Spoiler alert.png This section contains spoilers concerning "Odds and Ends"
  • This is Puppy Master's first appearance.
  • Puppy Master has her own evil lair.
  • Agent Ohlm is the protagonist in this episode. Ohlm is later an antagonist in Odds and Ends.
  • It is unknown how the puppies were restored back to humans after Ohlm turned himself into a puppy.
  • When Dr. O walks out of the Breakroom, she is a Golden Retriever, but when she is in the tube lobby, she is a different breed.