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For the Mr. O seen in Season 1 who goes by Orville, see Orville. For the Mr. O seen in Season 3's "The Void", see Maine Mr. O.

Mr. O is the head of an Odd Squad headquarters in the Arctic.


Mr. O is portrayed as a dim bulb at times, but confident in leading his agents, providing tools to help them succeed. He wears a pair of lavender-colored glasses, which he often loses track of despite them remaining on his face. Since the weather in which his Headquarters is situated in is always cold, as a result, he is often cold despite his winter attire and longs for warmth.


Brunette hair, dark brown eyes, light olive skin. He also wears glasses.


Season 3




  • His signature drink as an Odd Squad Director is water; however, it always takes the form of an icicle due to the cold conditions.
  • He keeps icicles in his office, all of which have different flavors, such as roast beef or Parmesan cheese.
  • He takes 8 naps a day.
  • He likes to build snow agents.
  • He is good at drawing.