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Why is this on the website it's only july 4th

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MrDanglyLegs MrDanglyLegs 17 March

Otis Realization

I was recently reading through ODDtODD's profile, and I came across this blog post about Otis fantheories. This got me thinking about how I actually know what the answer to who Otis was.

Later that night, in the shower, I had a realization that literally made me drop what I was holding. I'll start with the facts:

  • Otis was raised by ducks, this allowed him to fly to reach a gadget at the end of "Odds and Ends".
  • In "First Day", Otis jumps up the side of a wall to get Hopkins down. Olympia responds to this saying, "How is that a talent not worth mentioning?"

My realization was this: Otis didn't jump up that, he flew. He just put his legs to the sides to make it look like he wasn't flying.

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MrDanglyLegs MrDanglyLegs 13 March

Confusing Errors

There are a few errors in Odd Squad, and one of the ones that bothered me the most is how Olive and Otto are wearing red agent suits in Odd Squad the Movie.

At this point in the timeline of Odd Squad, Olive and Otto are a Mr. and Ms. O at the Odd Squad in the next town over. Agents in the Management department wear purple, not red.

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Agentofirony Agentofirony 13 February

Odd Squad Forever

Anyone know where I can find the full extended version of Odd Squad Forever? Thanks

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Oddsually Oddsually 26 January

About Season 3 aka OSMU

Sooo.... About Season 3/OSMU, i really don't like the season because the plot isn't as good as Season 1 and 2. The characters seems pretty boring tbh, except Orla, she seems like a interesting character ngl. I don't like how they put 5 main characters instead of 2 main characters, it kinda ruins the shows vibes, This Season could been better if the episodes aren't as boring as it looked. Idk if it's just me who doesn't like the change at all lmao.

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Robynflight Robynflight 26 January


Idk I need to make a blog post

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Laziminoes Laziminoes 6 October 2021

what the dr. o doin'?

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Lollipop65 Lollipop65 20 September 2021

The Battle of The Cabins

Sadie's Summer Camp Adventures: OSW Edition

Created by Lollipop65

Episode 2: The Battle of the Cabins

Mary was excited to attend Camp Happyhill. But, she would be in the Butterfly Cabin with her best friend Krissie. Younger kids in the Butterfly attended their own special summer camp, Camp Rabbithole! But Camp Rabbithole and Camp Happyhill both shared the same spot and sometimes did the same things, but they sometimes did different things.

One example was that they shared the same lunch cabin! Anyway, back to our story.

It was a normal day at Camp Happyhill. It was lunchtime, and Mesa, the cafeteria lady, was serving everyone's favorite lunch today: PEPPERONI PIZZA! But vegans got the bell pepper pizza.

Sadie: "I can't believe that pizza! Doesn't…

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Lollipop65 Lollipop65 19 September 2021

Sadie's Summer Camp Adventures: OSW Edition Episode One: Camp Happyhill

Sadie's Summer Camp Adventures: OSW Edition

Created by Lollipop65

Episode One: Camp Happyhill

Sadie Smith was a girl who had always wanted to go to Camp Happyhill. She would finally get to go this year, with her sister Mary and their pony, Flora! She was waiting outside for the Camp Happyhill bus.

Sadie: "I can't wait to go to Camp Happyhill this year! Aren't you excited, sis?"

Mary: "Yeah, I'm excited, but since you're 7 and I'm 4, we're going to be in different cabins!"

Sadie: "Don't worry, sis! We might be in different cabins, but we'll still be able to see each other! Oh, here comes our bus!"

The bus then came up and revealed a girl who was the same age as Mary.

Mary: "Oh hey, Krissie! How's your pony, Jenna?"

Krissie: "She's doing great! I'm g…

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Hilary James Lyall Hilary James Lyall 16 September 2021

Odd Squad Needs You Bumpers

Sometimes, there are episodes where they have Odd Squad Needs You Bumpers. They can happen after the first episode ends and before the next episode begins or after the second episode ends. Sometimes, they have agents telling the reason why they joined Odd Squad. Because, "We are...", "We are...", "We are...", We are Odd Squad!"

Since the beginning of time, and we’re talking way back (season 1 and 2), and also forward in time (season 3), we've been fighting odd. In our spare time, we also like to draw pictures of ourselves. (Shows a picture of agents fighting oddness) We really like this one, (or) this is our second favorite one. There’s no case too big, no case too small, at Odd Squad, we do it all. (Shows oddness)

Join Odd Squad at (website…

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Hilary James Lyall Hilary James Lyall 21 July 2021

To Be Continued and Previously On Odd Squad

  • 1 Who is Agent Otis
  • 2 Odds and Ends
  • 3 Odd Beginnings Part 1
  • 4 Odd Beginnings Part 2

Will Odd Squad prove Otis’ innocence and find out who’s behind the villain break-ins, will Olympia ever get her partner back, or will she lose her partner forever, and another thing, will the Xs ever be nice for once. Stay tuned for the season 2 finale of Odd Squad.

Previously on Odd Squad...

Olympia: If we could get that notebook, Odd Squad will know every villain in the world.

Ms O: We should try to get the notebook then.

Olympia: Yay! I know how to get the notebook. (Scene cuts to her after she got the notebook bac) One villain notebook.

Ms O: Olympia! What have you done?

Xavier: Because, she didn’t want us to know that your partner is a...

Xena: Villain!

Ms O: I demand…

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 19 July 2021

Thoughts on Season 3.5 episodes

Where I review the recent episodes that came out.

OBVIOUS SPOILERS===============================================================================================

  • 1 Odd Off the Press
  • 2 Box Trot
  • 3 O for a Day
  • 4 H2 Oh No!
  • 5 In Your Dreams
  • 6 Mission O Possible
  • 7 Nature of the Sand Beast

A little fast-paced, but I enjoyed it! Osmeralda's "thing" and the Mobile Unit originals were fun. I'll probably never get used to the fact that they aged. I also loved the Odd-skateers, and I desperately want them to come back. As in, I will scream so loud if they make a cameo.

Oh, and one more thing...


Disacknowledging the fact that I managed not to cry (but I came super close), I will miss Oprah so much, yet I l…

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 1 July 2021

New Tumblr!

Sorry I haven't been active lately, I haven't been using Fandom recently.

Anyways, I have come back from the dead to give good news and bad news.

The good news is that I have an Odd Squad headcanon tumblr up! Find it here: https://oddsquadheadcanons.tumblr.com

The bad news is that I've only received two headcanons, the latter of which I put up in early June.

So, if you know anyone that has a headcanon, tell them to submit it!

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 21 May 2021

I think I just found...

... the original World Turned Odd theme.

I'm going to pull a Dav Pilkey line and tell you another story to explain.

So, I was trying to find where to watch World Turned Odd, because I forgot the tumblr URL that linked to the masterpost I used to watch it the first time. (Now I remember, it was oddotato.)

I tried searching Youtube, but there were only clips of it, and I wanted to watch the whole thing. I guess PBS Kids took them all down.

I went to Dailymotion next, because PBS usually doesn't take down Odd Squad clips if it's there. I went to the search bar, and typed "World Turned Odd" into it. 3 results came up. One wasn't Odd Squad related, while the other two were exactly what I was looking for, split into 2 parts.

Since Part 2 was first, I…

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 20 May 2021

A little Odd Squad table I did.

Note: Episodes cannot be in more than one cell.

Table is in progress.

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Minney mouse Minney mouse 15 April 2021

ODD squad

odd sqaud is the bet a show in the world

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 21 March 2021

Otto and Oprah's absence in Oscar of All Trades

Did it have something to do with Rookie Night? Maybe Otto was at Rookie Night and Oprah was at Boss Night, leaving Olive to talk to Oscar.

Just a funny thought.

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FlyingPig562 FlyingPig562 3 March 2021

Help Identifying an Episode

Hey guys, I used to watch Odd Squad a while ago and I remember liking this one episode but I forget what it is called. I am pretty sure it was season 1. I know it took place through out the Odd Squad HQ. I remember the main characters going through different areas trying to fix everything. It might have been the Mrs. O birthday one, but I'm not sure. Thanks for helping out.

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Ppg sis Ppg sis 27 February 2021

A Great Gadget

Make a gadget, agent science! My first gadget is the join-this-odd-squad-wiki-fandom-instantly-inator. When you get zapped, you instantly join this wiki! Jk about the gadget, this text is already a great enough invention for me.

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PBSkidsfan13579 PBSkidsfan13579 24 January 2021

3 Part Finale Thoughts

SPOILERS ARE AHEAD===================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================

Okay that is done. I watched this and the moment the Form Changer said "You are a villain" in coming up on Odd Squad I knew I was in for a ride.

First starts off in Toronto nice! Omar wants the mission to be seeing the sights too bad buddy it is to get a villain to the safehouse! Evil Sculptor will always look like Paper Mache but I know the difference and when I saw Form Changer I thought …

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 22 January 2021

My thoughts of End of the Road

Okay, I've never done this before, but End of the Road is easily the most bombshell episode the show has ever produced. Although it doesn't beat OINFO for my favorite season finale, it's my second favorite. And it effectively made me sob.

I don't think I need to tell you this has SPOILERS. Don't look unless you've watched! Seriously. Big spoilers coming your way!

Woo-oo-oaaah, SPOILER A-LERT! ===================================================================================================================================================================================================

Got that taken care of! Here we go!

  • Huh, I thought it would start where Follow the Leader left off. Oh, well.
  • That helicopter is the same shot as Who is Agent Oti…

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 15 January 2021

Something creepy about 43...

So. I noticed something really weird about 43. We all know it’s Todd’s agent number, that running gag of 43’s appearing before Training Day came around.

It’s not about the 43’s following me (which they are), but something else. It requires a lot of math. I mean a lot of it. Below for a connection that will blow your mind unless you’ve already discovered it.


Let’s start by calculating Todd’s agent number again with the A1Z26 code. 20 + 15 + 4 + 4 equals 43. Good.

Now we calculate the digital root, which is a fancy way of saying to add the digits. 4 + 3 = 7.

7 just happens to be Orchid’s age, but we’re not dealing with that.

Now here comes the mind-blowing part. I will multiply 7 by all the numbers, stopping at 13, because…

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 14 January 2021

Main/Mane 7 fanart

Forgive me for doing this, but I turned the Main 7 (sans OSMU) into MLP ponies. View it here: ibb.co/L5BgwFq

I made it with the use of a base. It’s a pic of the Main 6 hugging Oprah after she became the Big O (and thus, became an Alicorn)

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 5 January 2021

Odd Squad/MLP cutie marks

If the Odd Squad characters were ponies, here what I’m thinking their cutie marks would be:

  • Olive - Probably a sports related thing (basketball, tennis ball, soccer, or maybe all of them?)
  • Otto - Soundcheck related. Probably a photo of the band.
  • Oscar - The science department symbol? I mean, he created it...
  • Olympia - I was thinking the literal Odd Squad seal, because she’s a historian, but it also could be a history book. Maybe a book with the seal on it?
  • Otis - Okay, I’m not sure on this. Maybe a duck, and he painted it over with nothing, or a question mark.
  • Oona - Toast. End of story.
  • Opal - I think she waited for it, and hers ended up being a car, or a steering wheel. She’s very devoted to OSMU.
  • Omar - Food related. He’s a big eater.
  • Oswald - A…
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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 31 December 2020

If S1 was split into two parts...

The first part would be before Training Day, when 43’s were a running gag, and the Todd foreshadowing:

  • All the 43’s. To quote Ms. O from Recipe for Disater: “All. Of. Them.”
  • Every single time Todd is mentioned, which is only 3 times. (Zero Effect by Oscar, My Better Half by the Mayor, and Ultimato by Oscar again)
  • And no, we won’t forget you Briefcase! Life of O’Brian kind of does the same thing, the painting the agents carry at the beginning is a, um, what is it? Pienado? Something like that.
  • Disater averted in The One that Got Away. Seriously watch that again.

The second part, after Todd is introduced, I noticed this just now, but they start foreshadowing for the finale. The O Games has shades of this, There Might Be Dragons Olive you’re not Ms…

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 24 December 2020

Odd Squad Ship Meme

So I found this circle of Odd Squad characters that you can make a color coded ship meme with. Credit to whoever made it! The colors mean the following:

  • Red: “This is worse than the duck.” You find this ship disgusting, and you will never ship it if you got paid for it.
  • Orange: “I’m willing to argue.” You don’t ship it, but you’re not red against it.
  • Yellow: “Meh, I go back and forth.” You either go back and forth between shipping it and not shipping it, or you’re not completely against it.
  • Green: “What I was going to say is... you’re awesome.” You ship it, but either go back and forth, or not diehard ship it.
  • Blue: “We found our secret handshake!” Ship it? Sure you ship it! It’s not your OTP, but you ship it nonetheless.
  • Purple: “Does this mea…
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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 29 November 2020

Season 3 = Season 1 + Season 2

I noticed that Season 3 episodes are lately copies of season 1 and season 2 episodes. Here are a couple to prove my point.

It reminded me of Skip Day because Orla was skipping literally every step in the directions for the portal. Exactly what happened with Olive in Skip Day. Unlike that episode, Orla does it by instinct.

It also is like The Scientist because everyone eventually goes to the 17th dimension through a dimensional portal. Oona gets zapped into an unspecified dimension using the dimension-Inator in The Scientist. Another reason: the giant plant that attacks a protagonist. That’s also kind of Robert Plant-like, for both The Scientist and Portalandia.

Our heroes get trapped in a dangerous place, in search of a particular thing? Soun…

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 22 November 2020

Top 10 saddest Odd Squad episodes

Hi! Just felt like I had to list these. Some of the Odd Squad episodes just leave you feeling down, and others make you cry for 3 straight hours. However sad they are, they need to have their voices heard, so here we go!

PS: Some are from Season 3, so if you haven't seen any episodes, just a heads up. No S3 finale spoilers (I haven't seen the finale either!)

  • 1 Number 10: Music of Sound
  • 2 Number 9: The Scientist
  • 3 Number 8: No Ifs, Ands, or Robots
  • 4 Number 7: Extreme Cakeover
  • 5 Number 6: Dr. O, Party Time; Excellent
  • 6 Number 5: Training Day
    • 6.1 Now we're moving on to the extremely sad episodes! Are you ready?
  • 7 Number 4: Oscar Strikes Back
  • 8 Number 3: Odds and Ends
  • 9 Number 2: O is Not for Over
    • 9.1 And now, I will finally announce Number One, the one you've been …

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 17 November 2020

Odd squad poses

Just wanted to show you this:

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 14 November 2020

Odd squad quizzes

I found some Odd Squad quizzes. Here are some of them:



I’ll add more when I find some!

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Sean Kyer Sean Kyer 9 November 2020





WORD UP!!!!!!!!!!


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Mik123ryh Mik123ryh 8 November 2020


Odd Squad quiz here's the link: https://quizizz.com/join/quiz/5c1a4c6d8bd42c001a2f7200/start?studentShare=true Good luck! For those who wanna maths quiz... well, here's the link: https://quizizz.com/join/quiz/5f59f04410b001001c68f8d0/start?studentShare=true

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 31 October 2020

GTAG: A game I made

GTAG stands for Guess The Actor Game, and here’s how it works. I give you an actor from Odd Squad, except that they’re dressed as another character from a different show or movie. After some guesses, I reveal who it is.

Here’s the first (and I’m a little lenient for this one)

Can you guess who?

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Iamarandompersonhi Iamarandompersonhi 28 October 2020

List of Continuation errors in Odd Squad

If there's any I missed, please comment below! These are all the ones that I personally noticed. These also include some that I heard from other places. If I can think of an explanation, I'll list it. Otherwise, you can comment below, and I'll give credit if I add it. Let's go!

  • 1 Olympia's Cheese Allergy
    • 1.1 My explanation:
  • 2 Tube Ride Limit
    • 2.1 My explanation
  • 3 How good is Olive at RPS?
    • 3.1 My explanation

In the episode Agent's Oksana's Kitchen Nightmares, Olympia mentioned that she had a ham-and-cheese allergy. But in The Creature Whisperer, she touched the cheese. Woah, what? How is that possible? To further the confusion, she was able to eat the cheese in the movie.

I assume that Olympia somehow developed the allergy prior to Kitchen Nightmares, bec…

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Heyoddballs Heyoddballs 23 October 2020

Which season would make the better crossover with Annedroids

Hold up ignore this page

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Dotdeedell111 Dotdeedell111 9 October 2020

Odd Squad GIFS (use them wisely)

bored here.

  • 1 yes yES YeASSS
  • 2 Sweet victory
  • 3 When someone's better than me
  • 4 You: but.. but.. Me: I know
  • 5 I'm done here
  • 6 *sigh* 🙄
  • 7 Just LET ME HAVE THIS 1!
  • 8 😁

I refuse to call them gifs, they are pronounced "jif" like the peanut butter.

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35ab35 35ab35 4 October 2020

I love odd squad

Hello! My name is Andrew! I wanted to contribute to this wiki ever since I first saw it!

But now that I'm here I realize that I don't know how to!

Please help!

Please and thank you!

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Loveloke Loveloke 17 September 2020


Us3kids123, my sister, charlottefun, hacked ur account, us3kids245. I'm so sorry. Is there any way I can give it back?

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NeptuneID13 NeptuneID13 19 August 2020

PBS Kids' Popularity

PBS is/was very popular with kids across America, especially with those who can't/couldn't afford cable. As such, many of its programs are fondly remembered.

The most popular cartoons from the 90s and 2000s, at least with "normies" who are outside the PBS Kids fandom, are Arthur, WordGirl, Martha Speaks, Cyberchase, Maya and Miguel, Clifford, Sagwa, Liberty’s Kids, Dragon Tales, and Fetch. The most popular live-action shows are Barney, Reading Rainbow, Mister Rogers, Sesame Street, Wishbone, Zoboomafoo, Zoom, and Between the Lions, and I guess you could say Teletubbies and Boohbah. Anything else besides those shows is ignored.

Then, of course, you have the American Public Television shows, the two that are most popular are Peep and the Big W…

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Ocoello Ocoello 12 August 2020


So this has been bothering me for over a week, in the OddTube episode, Souvenir Time we see Agent Orla in the medical bay,

how ever, as seen in the pic, it's clearly greened screened. So now i'm left wondering, why didn't they just use the actual set. I know the main headquarters and mrs. O's office where used in Sample of New York, Know an O: Part 2, Odd Squad in the Shadows, and Slides and Ladders, and I sure I'm not the only one who thinks the medical bay is connected to the main set, so what gives, why not use the real set?

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PBSkidsfan13579 PBSkidsfan13579 5 August 2020


I saw something that makes no sense! I don't like it!  Who came up with this. Do the co-creators know this happened? I have no idea. But why? This isn't even make sense! They created a random villain! Who heard of this villain?

The link to this craziness!

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PBSkidsfan13579 PBSkidsfan13579 3 August 2020


I am sorry but did anyone notice that the hair brush inator has two different numbers,  60, because Ohlm combined gadget 10, the hat inator,  also isn't gadget 10 hole one inator? Finally Oona said what gadget it was by being in the other dimension. 

I don't know if any other gadgets have this problem. Anyways it just was odd.

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Ocoello Ocoello 1 August 2020


Howdy Doo, so I was wondering in the episode Jeremy, Opal says she would be recomending Jermy to the academy, but how would Jeremy become an agent if he dosen't have a O name, sure Todd was made an agent but that didn't exactly end well, would the squad make an exeption for Jeremy? I think the only Os thing is what makes Odd squad special, and if we keep getting none Os it might really change things in an intesting way. Anyway tell me what you guys think in the comments,

                                                      keep on, keeping Odd

                                                                  Caleb (Ocoello)

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Ocoello Ocoello 25 July 2020

favorite ships

What are your favorite ships from the show, here are mine

Olive x Otto

Otis x Olypima

Omar x Opal

Orla x unknow???

Ozric x O'Donnel

Ozric x other Olympia

Oz x Octavia

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Ocoello Ocoello 20 July 2020

favorite season?


just wondering what your favorite season from Odd Squad is. For me season 2 was the best, it built off season 1 and Olympia is one of the best characters the show had.

P.S. Oona is awsome!

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Kenkratt15 Kenkratt15 18 July 2020

Odd Squad Rocks!

Odd Squad, Yeh, Odd Squad, Fighting Crime, Fighting Creatures, They always use knowledge, Yeh! That is the feature. When they defeat a villain like Lady Bread, Odd Squad don’t lie on bed. Yeh!

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Domosebi Domosebi 25 May 2020

How to make odd squad cookies

How to make odd squad cookies


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Agentoren Agentoren 19 May 2020


I am Agent Oren's actor, Brendan Heard. Go sub to my YT, TheGamingBros with Sean Michael Kyer, Oscar in Odd Squad. I hung out with Peyton Kennedy a long time ago.

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Colladojccd14 Colladojccd14 14 May 2020

Odd Squad Book

Not a big fan of the book since it seems that most of it contradicts the show and the website from before. Here's a very helpful page of the book for the Symbols page...

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Spooderman the first Spooderman the first 30 April 2020

Dino Dan and Odd Squad in the same universe.

Dino Dana and Odd squad are in the same universe.

Dino Dana is a reboot of an old show called Dino Dan. Dino Dan was about a boy who could see dinosaurs. In the reboot, He passes down his knowledge of dinosaurs to Dana, a young girl he knows.  In the second season of Dino Dana, Dana goes to the store. Behind her are Two Odd squad agents. In the third season, Dana orders pizza. Who did she call for the pizza?  Delivery Debby. I am sure that these two peices of evidence connect the Odd Squad Universe and the Dino Dan universe. 

Also, the dinosaurs from the Dinosaur room look just like the ones that dino Dan and Dana see.

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