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By the Book
Season 1, Episode 33b
Production Information
Air DateOctober 13, 2015
Written byJeff Detsky
Alex Fox
Rachel Lewis
Directed byStephen Reynolds
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By the Book is the B-plot of the 33rd episode of Odd Squad. It is also the 5th and final part of Odd Squad Against the Odds.


Olive and Otto interrogate two suspects to figure out which one is innocent and which one is guilty of committing an odd crime. However, they must do it within a 20-minute time frame.

Learning Goal

  • Measurement: telling time and elapsed time.

Plot (contains episode spoilers)



  • The title comes from the colloquial English phrase "by the book," which is also said by Ms. O in the episode script.
  • It is revealed that agents who find any suspects guilty for committing a crime have to prove it in within 20 minutes. If within 20 minutes there is no proof of any oddness caused, the agents automatically have to let the suspects go. In addition, within the 20-minute frame, one of the agents has to do a staring contest with the suspects at the 4-minute mark, give the suspects smoothies at the 10-minute mark (halfway in the 20-minute frame), and make the suspects sit in comfy chairs. However, after that incident, Ms. O and the agents had to change up the rules.
  • These are the first appearances of Gooey Randall and Goopy Gus together. They had future appearances, but they only appeared individually in "It Takes Goo To Make A Feud Go Right" and "Odds And Ends" respectively.