Centigurps are cute, fuzzy creatures that love spheres. They are stored in storage containers, and will often manipulate agents into opening the containers by warbling and rolling around. When exposed to light, they multiply to become 100 in total, and bounce and roll around everywhere. Once they multiply, the only way to return them to a single creature is to catch all 100 and zap them all at once. Many agents have opened centigurp boxes, including Otto, Ori, Octavia, and even Ms. O herself.

Centigurps are featured in The O Games in an event called "The 25 Centigurp Dash" where agents are required to box up 25 centigurps each.

It is possible to learn the centigurp language. In The O Games, Odd Todd learns enough to call the creatures to him in order to win a challenge.


Season 1


  • Centigurps are based on Tribbles from Star Trek.
  • They all have green eyes.
  • Agent Orchid wanted one as a pet, but she traded it to Oscar for cash. She called the centigurp "Sherman".
  • It is implied that all agents are given a centigurp container at one point as a test to see if they will open it.
  • The name centigurp is based off the word "centi-" which means hundred, hence one big centigurp can turn into "a hundred little guys."
  • They are attracted to spheres.