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Crime at Shapely Manor
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Season 1, Episode 5
Production Information
Air DateDecember 4, 2014
Written byRandolph Heard
Ben Joseph
Directed byVivieno Caldinelli
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Crime at Shapely Manor is the 5th episode of Odd Squad. This episode is a half-hour, and is split up into two parts.


On a dark and stormy night, Olive and Otto are sent to Shapely Manor to investigate an odd crime with even odder people. It's Lord Rectangle's birthday, and he has his friends over! But...his cake has been stolen! Olive and Otto must decipher the clues to find out who stole his cake.

Olive's Random Slide

This...is a cloud I saw.

Learning Goal

  • Geometry: identifying two-dimensional shape attributes and composition.


The episode begins with Olive's voice announcing, "It was a dark and stormy night. My partner and I were called to solve an odd crime at an odd place...with even odder people." Olive and Otto show up at Shapely Manor, where they meet a man and woman who take their coats and umbrella. When they ask if these two own the manor, they explain that they are the butler and the maid, who live underneath the basement. They are taken into the dining room, where they meet the odd people: Lord Rectangle, who loves rectangles and invented the ice cream sandwich, and the owner of Shapely Manor; Professor Square, who teaches at Shapely University and loves squares, Miss Triangle, a clothing designer using triangular designs (formerly named Stainerfleet); and General Pentagon, a pentagon-loving general in the army.

Lord Rectangle explains that he invited his friends over to celebrate his birthday, and that his cake was stolen by one of the guests. Rectangle had led a tour in which he displayed the incredibly fancy objects he owned, such as a painting of a pentagonal red farmhouse and a flat diamond (diamond-shaped). He had eaten cake before pizza, which Otto thought was proof that he was a genius. Suddenly, the lights had gone out, and when they turned on, the cake was gone, and everyone was looking suspicious and sitting in different seats.

When he showed a photo of the cake, it was a lopsided mash of square, triangle, and pentagon- which showed nothing about who had stolen it. When Professor Square tried to leave, Otto stopped him, and accidentally smashed a vase. When he said he would pay for it, the butler said it was priceless. Otto was glad there was nothing he had to pay.

They begin looking around the manor for clues, and split up. First, Olive notices that the red farmhouse in the painting had been stolen. She then sees Professor Square. He insists that he was not trying to escape, only looking for a place to practice square dancing. Square says that he had snuck away when the lights went out to work on a book he was writing. Square then declares that "ze General... he looked very suspicious ven ze lights vent out... zink about it... zink about it!" and walks away.

Next, Otto sees that the diamond is missing. Then he sees General Pentagon. Pentagon says that the reason he had left when the lights went out was to wash his hands with his special pentagon-shaped soap. Pentagon says that "Miss Triangle, on the other hand, I heard her stomach grumbling before dinner! Which means she was hungry. Maybe hungry enough to eat a whole cake... think about it... think about it!"

Finally, Olive speaks to Miss Triangle, who says that she had left the dining room after dinner to go eat a triangular slice of pizza. She asks Olive, "Who eats cake before pizza? That's just gross. Think about it!" Since they have no evidence, they began talking, but Olive notices a muddy footprint- made of frosting from the cake. They gather everyone and announce that they knew who had stolen the cake. They point to the footprint- which was in the shape of a pentagon. Olive announces that Pentagon is innocent- because he was in the drawing room! They all run into the drawing room, where Olive points to the missing farmhouse.

Pentagon hadn't been washing his hands- they were still dirty. Pentagon was stealing the farmhouse because it was a pentagon. He gives the pentagon back. When Rectangle asks how the footprint could have been made, the agents take him to the dining room. They show how a square and triangle could together make a pentagon, but say that, in fact, Professor Square didn't do it. They travel to the room with the diamond, where Olive shows how the flat diamond, turned, is actually a square. Square admits to stealing the diamond, and returns it.

They then run to the kitchen, where Olive shows that none of the slices of pizza were missing- Miss Triangle wasn't eating pizza. They run to the dining room, where they show how the footprint was made by the maid, the butler, and Miss Triangle together- they were Triangle's siblings. The three triangular shoes made a pentagon. After their guilt had been proven, Otto discusses other evidence, but then realizes the siblings are getting away. They and the other three Shapelies chase the three around the house, and when the agents realize that they are running in a triangular pattern, they intercept them back at the dining room and catch them, taking back the cake.

The Steinerflutes explain to Rectangle how it was also their birthday that day, which he never remembered, and they had stolen the cake for themselves. Rectangle forgives them for stealing the cake, and they forgive him for not remembering their birthday. Then he destroys the cake and creates cupcakes. Because of their circular shape, he knows they would never be stolen. The episode ends with a party between all eight of them, eating cupcakes.