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Dance Like Nobody's Watching
Season 1, Episode 18a
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 28, 2015
Written byAllana Harkin
Directed byJ.J. Johnson
Craig David Wallace
Song(s)"Up, Down, Left, Right"
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Dance Like Nobody's Watching is the A-plot of the 18th episode of Odd Squad. It is also the second part of the special "Odd Squad Saves the World".


When the alarm system at Headquarters is triggered, Olive, Otto, Ms. O, and Oscar must avoid a series of booby traps in order to shut it off. After all the other agents become trapped, Otto must dance to Soundcheck to get past the final challenge.

Olive's Random Slide

This...is a glass half empty.

Learning Goal

Algebraic Thinking: pattern recognition and extension.

Plot (contains episode spoilers)

Olive and Otto are on a case where a man has a fireplace for a stomach. But he doesn’t want it fixed. He wants marshmallows. Otto gives him a bag of Schmumbers marshmallows, and the agents leave.

When they return to headquarters, the tube lobby is packed with several dozen agents. Ms. O explains that O’Duffy forgot the code to turn off the alarm system. Ms. O tells them there’s a shutoff switch to turn off the alarms, but it's under her stool, but Oscar tells them that while the alarms are on, headquarters is full of traps that they’ll have to get past.

Oscar throws his shoe out the door, and it is hit by lasers. They decide to go a different way, through the heating duct. They arrive at a place covered in tiled squares. Oscar tells them there’s a pattern to get through safely. A pattern he forgot. They use their shoes to test the squares, but Ms. O guesses that all white squares are safe. She ends up guessing the pattern incorrectly and is frozen in a block of ice. Otto asks what happened, then Oscar says that Ms. O is frozen, and Otto says that he knows, then Oscar asks why he asked, and Otto says that he is freaking out and tells Olive and Oscar to go on without him while he decides to listen to Soundcheck. Oscar comments that the song that he is listening to is good, but Olive stops the music and tells Otto that he has to keep going because that's what Ms. O wants. They continue to throw stuff to figure out the correct pattern. It turns out that the pattern was alternating between each row: black, white, black, white, black, white, etc... They figure out the correct pattern and carefully head through headquarters until they reach the next set of tiles.

This time, Olive assumes the pattern will be the same as last time and is turned to stone. Otto asks what happened, then Oscar says that Olive turned to stone, and Otto says that he knows, then Oscar asks why he asked, and Otto says that he is still freaking out. Oscar asks Otto what his name is, Otto says "Oscar". Oscar then asks him what his middle name is, Otto says that Oscar never told him and Oscar tells him that he never will and then tells him to focus. Oscar also says that he can fix Olive at his lab, but they can't get there unless they stop the alarm and then tells Otto to give him something else to throw, which Otto does. Otto and Oscar determine the right pattern and get almost to Ms. O’s office. Otto then asks if there is another trap and Oscar says "yes" and it's a doozy. There is indeed another trap, where lasers appear. Otto asks Oscar what will happen if he touches a laser. Oscar asks him if he knows how Olive turned to stone and how Ms. O got trapped in a block of ice. He says "yes". Oscar says that it's both of those combined and way worse. Oscar touches the laser and is shot with Silly String. Otto asks Oscar what he should do. Oscar tells Otto that he has to go through the lasers by himself. Otto says that he can't do it himself. He tells Oscar that he should do it, or Olive, or Ms. O. Oscar tells Otto to hurry up and do it because there is not enough time and says that he can do this. Otto realizes the lasers are moving down, up, right, left, and that he can dance through them to "Up, Down, Left, Right". He dances through and reaches the shutoff switch and turns it off. All except Ms. O is back to normal.


  • The fireplace stomach in the beginning of this episode is later featured as one of the odd slides in the theme song.