Dance Like Nobody's Watching
Season 1, Episode 18a
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 28, 2015
Written byAllana Harkin
Directed byJ. J. Johnson
Craig David Wallace
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O is Not for OldRecipe For Disaster

Dance Like Nobody's Watching is the A-plot of the 18th episode of Odd Squad. It is also the second part of the special "Odd Squad Saves the World".


When the alarm system at Headquarters is triggered, Olive, Otto, Ms. O, and Oscar must avoid a series of booby traps in order to shut it off. After all the other agents are trapped, Otto dances to Soundcheck to get past the final challenge.

Olive's Random Slide a glass half empty.

Learning Goal

Algebraic Thinking: pattern recognition and extension.

Plot (contains episode spoilers)



  • TBA


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