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What's next?!
— Dr. O

For the respective Food & Beverage and Maintenance agents seen in Season 2's "Xs and Os" that serve as Dr. O's replacements, see Agent Olly (New Dr. O) and Dr. O (Agent Oro).

Dr. O was the Squad's resident doctor, played by Peyton Kennedy. She is currently working as an astronaut doctor in the Odd Squad Space Station.


Dr. O is quite eccentric, and constantly reminds everyone that she's a doctor. She is agent number 60 and used to work in the Odd Squad Gift Shop before Oscar became a scientist and took over the space. While she claims that she has had eight years of schooling, she once admitted to Otto "If I stopped doing things that I was terrible at, I wouldn't be a doctor."

 The O Games (contains spoilers)[]

Dr. O was one of the five agents chosen to compete in The O Games. Her athlete's quote was "100% smart, 0% silly". She was eliminated in the third round by Odd Todd during the Ring Toss event.


  • "What's next?!!"
  • "Of course I am, I'm a Doctor."
  • "And thank you, Doctor." ("I'm not a doctor...") "I know, I was talking to myself."
  • "They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, which is why I am not a fan of apples."
  • "If I stopped doing things I was terrible at, I wouldn't be a doctor."
  • ”Call me... Doctor Pickle.”
  • ”Did someone call for a doctor?”


  • Occasionally Dr. O says "I'm a doctor, not a ________". This is a parody of a line featured many times in the original Star Trek series. The Enterprise's doctor, Leonard "Bones" McCoy said it quite often.
  • She is not a fan of apples.
  • She and Oscar are immune to the Jinx, since they've both had it before.
  • She babysits occasionally.
  • She used to be a cashier for a gift shop in headquarters before it turned into the lab.
  • In "Extreme Cakeover", she states that she doesn't have a birthday and that it's a medical condition.
    • It's possible that she's a clone.
  • In "Not OK Computer", it is established that she loves red licorice.
  • In OddTube, Viral Video with Dr. O, she was interviewed about some different viruses.
  • In "Your Questions Part 2", it is revealed that her full name is Onomatopeia.
    • In "No Ifs, Ands, or Robots", it is revealed that her badge number is 60 which does not fit in with the name Onomatopeia. Onomatopeia's badge number would be 124.


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