Fladam Mugshot
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Professional Information
Occupation(s) Villain
Personal Information
Enemies Odd Squad
Production Information
Debut Flatastrophe
Actor Martin Roach

Fladam is a villain featured in Flatastrophe. When he was little, his name was Adam, until he stepped on an alphabet building block (a cube) and hurt his foot. Because of this incident, he maintained a grudge against cubes into adulthood, and aspires to destroy all cubes by flattening them.

He appears again in Undercover Olive as one of the villains participating in the Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament.

He appears in Flawed Squad as one of the villains who breaks into Headquarters.

Special Power

Able to make anything 2D (Flat). He can reverse the effect with his 2D glasses.



  • He orders ice cream sandwiches and expects to get two pieces of bread with ice cream in between.
  • His real name, or original name, is Adam.