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Gadgets are tools that Odd Squad agents use that help them solve cases faster. Each gadget has a number located on them. Agent Oscar has created a way to combine gadgets to create another gadget according to their numbers, as explained in one of the Training Videos.

List of Gadgets

There are many gadgets in Odd Squad. Here are only some of them, listed in alphabetical order:

Image Name Gadget number First Appeared in
No image available Add-a-nator Unknown "Olive and Otto in Shmumberland"
This gadget adds a number to the number that it is aiming at. Agent Olive describes it as "very boring".
No image available Animal-Person-a-nator Unknown "Failure to Lunch"
Takes one half of your body and replaces it with an animal or human


Screenshot 2016-07-10-21-41-14-1.png Anything-Within-Reason Machine Unknown "How to use the Anything-Within- Reason Machine (Training Video)"
Can create anything that is within reason for one dollar. (Note: This gadget is incredibly dangerous as you can get stuck in an endless loop where you use your one dollar to create another dollar.)
No image available Baby-go-to-Sleep-inator Unknown "Meet an Agent from Around the Globe"
This gadget is simply an acoustic guitar.
Balloon-remove-a-nator.png Balloon-remove-inator Unknown "Train of Thoughts"
Removes balloons from any area.
No image available Basketball-inator Unknown "The Cherry-on-Top-inator"
Creates a basketball.
No image available Bear-Trap-inator Unknown "There Might Be Dragons"
Shoots out a bag sized to fit a bear. (Or anything that happens to be the size of a bear, including an invisible fire-and-ice-breathing dragon the size of a bear.)
No image available Before Now Machine 50 "6:00 to 6:05"
Transports your consciousness into your past self, effectively creating a time loop. Agent Oscar says that it requires "three bags of plutonium and surprisingly, a lot of bananas" to take a person one hour back in time. Can only take a person five minutes back in time with only battery power.
No image available Black-hole-inator 10,000 "Whatever Happened to Agent Oz?"
Creates a black hole.
No image available Body-put-back-inator Unknown "Double Trouble"
Puts back your body if it is missing
No image available Car-fix-inator Unknown "Skip Day"
Fixes cars that make you younger.
Cent8.jpg Centigurp Container Unknown "The Trouble with Centigurps"
Keeps Centigurps from multiplying.
No image available Change-a-number-inator Unknown Olive and Otto in Shmumberland
Adds or subtracts a certain amount from a number.
No image available Chart-inator Unknown "First Day"
Projects a chart of any type into the air and can be edited.
No image available Cherry-on-Top-inator Unknown "The Cherry-on-Top-inator"
Creates cherries.
No image available Chicken-inator Unknown TBA
Makes chickens.
No image available Classic-cheese-inator Unknown "Oscar The Couch"
Changes any pizza into a classic cheese pizza.
No image available Clone-inator Unknown "Know a Big O"
Creates a clone.
No image available Color-inator Unknown TBA
Adds color to a place.
No image available Couch-inator Unknown "Oscar The Couch"
Turns anything or anyone into a couch. The reversal gadget is stored in a locked box. The password is hypnotized into three agents' (Orchid, Obfusco, and Dr. O’s) minds.
No image available Cube-inator Unknown "Flatastrophe"
This gadget creates a cube out of 6 squares.
No image available Cup-inator Unknown TBA
Makes cups.
No image available Day-inator Unknown "Ms. O Uh-Oh"
Takes you into into a day in the future or past in the year that you are currently in. It was first seen in "Ms. O Uh-Oh" and had a second appearance in Back to the Past.
No image available Dig-inator Unknown "Rise of The Hydraclops"
The Dig-inator digs a hole into the ground. Also has a reverse setting known as the Un-Dig-inator, as seen in Rise of The Hydraclops.
No image available Dimension-inator 98 "The Scientist"
Creates portals to other dimensions.
No image available Dirt-inator 98 "Music of Sound"
Creates a pile of dirt.
No image available Door-inator Unknown TBA
Creates doors.
No image available Duck-inator Unknown TBA
Turns anything or anyone into a duck.
No image available Dustball-inator Unknown "Meet Agent Olo (Oddtube)"
Turns anything or anyone into a dust ball.
No image available Egg-inator Unknown TBA
Turns anything or anyone into an egg.
No image available Eyebrow-inator 5 "Oscar Strikes Back"
Gives people any kind of eyebrow.
No image available Face-replace-inator Unknown "Olympia's Day"
The Face-replace-inator used to only be able to replace anyone's face with any human face, but Oona modified it twice. In "Olympia's Day" and "Otis' Day", Oona modified it so that it could also replace anyone's face with a squirrel's face, a pigeon's face and a half-squirrel, half-pigeon's face. In The Perfect Score, Oona modified it again so that it could now replace anyone's face with that of any of the agents.
No image available Fancyhat-inator 15 "Oscar Strikes Back"
Creates fancy hats.
No image available Feather-inator Unknown "Oscar Strikes Back"
Makes feathers.
No image available Fireworks-inator 110 "The Scientist"
This gadget makes fireworks.
No image available Flat-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Flip-flop-inator Unknown "Trading Places"
The Flip-flop-inator can flip a numbers example: if you have 15 juiceboxes it'll flip the number from the ones place to the tens place and flip the number from the tens place to the ones place, making it into 51 juiceboxes. It can also flip pancakes.
Flower-a-nator.png Flower-inator TBA "Oscar Strikes Back"
The Flower-inator makes any kind of flowers except sunflowers. “The gadget itself smells horrible.” Also seen in Oona’s gadget guide.
Float-inator TBA height=
No image available Flying-Book-inator Unknown "Dawn of the Read"
The Flying-Book-inator stops Flying Books from flying. It has different settings depending on what pattern the books' call numbers follow (such as counting by tens or even numbers)
No image available Freeze-ray-inator Unknown "Game Time"
The Freeze-ray-inator traps people into a block of ice.
No image available Garbage-inator "Mystic Egg Pizza" TBA
Turns odd garbage back to normal.
No image available Garlic-bread-inator 40 "The Scientist"
The Garlic-bread-inator creates garlic bread. It was never seen in an episode, but Oona has used a gadget that acts like it in "The Scientist".
No image available Green Mirror Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added
Grid-a-nator.png Grid-inator Unknown "Reindeer Games"
The Grid-inator creates a grid.
No image available Group-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Grow-back-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Grow-inator TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Half-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Hand Uncolor-inator Unknown "How to Deal with a Spider Cat Bite (Training Video)"
The Hand Uncolor-inator makes your hand the right color after being bitten by a Spider Cat.
No image available Handbuzzer Unknown "Back to the Past"
The Handbuzzer stings people for a joke. It is used by Agent Odelia.
No image available Handcuff-inator Unknown "Whatever Happened to Agent Oz?"
The Handcuff-inator handcuffs people. it is not to be mistaken for the Invisible-inator.
No image available Hat-inator 10 "Oscar Strikes Back"
The Hat-inator creates a hat.
No image available Head-Put-Back-inator Unknown "O is Not For Over"
The Head-Put-Back-inator puts your head back if it is missing.
No image available Hole-in-One-inator 10 Mentioned in "Combining Gadgets (Training Video)"

The Hole-in-one-inator creates a giant hole, which is mainly used to stop giant golfballs.
No image available Hoop-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
House-car switcharoo.png House-Car Switch-a-roo Unknown "Blob on the Job"
The House-Car Switch-a-roo changes a house that has the traits of a car, back to a normal house and vise-versa.
No image available Iceberg-Lettuce-Go-Away-inator 18 TBA
It makes iceberg lettuce go away.
No image available Invisible-inator Unknown "Whatever Happened to Agent Oz?"
The Invisible-inator turns people invisible. It is not to be confused with the Handcuff-inator.
Jacket-a-nator.png Jacket-inator Unknown "My Better Half"
This gadget changes your outfit into a jacket.
No image available Jetpack-inator Unknown "6:00 to 6:05"
The Jetpack-inator is a jetpack. Oscar does not...kind of does...does know how to use it.
No image available Keep-Your-Thoughts-to-Yourself-inator Unknown TBA
The Keep-Your-Thoughts-to-Yourself-inator stops a think bubble from appearing above your head and displaying what you're thinking about.
No image available Lab Remote Unknown TBA
The Lab Remote controls the screen in the Lab. There are variants for the screen in almost every department.
No image available Make-a-Cake-inator Unknown "O is Not for Old"
The Make-a-Cake-inator creates a birthday cake. It was first used by Oscar to create Ms. O's birthday cake in O is Not for Old.
No image available Make-You-Older-inator Unknown Mentioned in "First Day"
The Make-You-Older-inator, makes you older, as the name implies. In Season 2, Oscar accidentally zapped himself with it, but he is fine with it to this day, meaning either the gadget's effect is
No image available Match-inator 666 Unknown
Description To Be Added...
No image available Med Bay Phone Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Mini-Disc Player Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Mr. O-inator Unknown "O is Not for Over"
This gadget changes whatever outfit you're wearing into a male Management uniform.
No image available Ms. O-inator Unknown "O is Not for Over"
This gadget changes whatever outfit you're wearing into a female Management uniform.
Musical-switch-a-nator.png Musical-Switch-a-nator Unknown "Bad Luck Bears"
This gadget switches your instrument, that sounds like a different instrument, back to itself.
Napkin-a-nator.png Napkin-inator 38 Mentioned in "The Scientist"
Makes a napkin.
No image available Unnamed nose changer Unknown Mentioned in "Training Day"
Changes one's nose to any type imaginable, in any color. To create it, Odd Todd takes apart a Stretch-inator and a Color-inator and "rearranges some stuff."
No image available Number 9 Gadget Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
Number Hog finder.png Number Hog Finder Unknown

"Zero Effect"

The Number Hog Finder searches for a Number Hog.
No image available Older-Cousin-inator Unknown "Villains Always Win"
Turns you into the form of one of Oona's older cousins. If you sneeze, the effect wears off and you cannot be turned into the same older cousin again
No image available Olive Zapper Unknown TBA
Projects images for demonstration purposes
No image available Olive's Compact Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Oscar Tablet Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Parking-Lot-inator 14 Mentioned in "License to Science"
Teleports you to a parking lot
No image available Parrot Ray Unknown "The Briefcase"
The Parrot Ray turns you back into a normal human if you've turned into a pirate. Otto wonders if it can also be used to turn someone into a pirate.
No image available Parrot-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Party Pooper Gadget Unknown TBA
The Party Pooper Gadget stops confetti and party music from bursting out of things.
No image available Picnic-inator Unknown "Best Seats in the House"
The Picnic-inator takes you out of a picnic basket if you've got your head stuck in it.
No image available Pirate-inator Unknown "The Curious Case of Pirate-itis"
Description To Be Added...
No image available Plaid-Go-Bye-Bye-Machine-Thing Unknown Mentioned in "Picture Day"
Eliminates all traces of plaid from a certain area.
No image available Plate-inator Unknown "The Perfect Lunch"
This gadget creates plates.
No image available Porthole-inator Unknown TBA
Creates a portal to the Math Room
No image available Potato-Chip-Fix-inator Unknown TBA
This gadget fixes your bag of potato chips if strange things are coming out of the bag instead of chips.
No image available Potato-Sack-inator Unknown "The Potato Ultimato"
This gadget changes whatever outfit you're wearing into a potato sack suit.
No image available Present-inator Unknown "O is Not for Old"
The Present-inator creates a birthday present of the user's choosing. It was first used by Oscar to create Ms. O's present in O is Not for Old.
No image available Pudding-inator Unknown "Agent Obfusco"
The Pudding-inator changes anything into pudding.
No image available Put-Away-inator Unknown "Olive and Otto in Shmumberland"
Stores things away. If it is used with the Save-it-for-later-inator, it will transport you into a book.
No image available Put-Back-inator Unknown TBA
Undoes the effects of touching a shape crystal
No image available Quack-inator Unknown TBA
Fixes car horns that quack.
No image available Re-Visible-inator Unknown TBA
Makes invisible things visible again.
No image available Regrow-inator Unknown TBA
Enlarges, but only works on reindeer.
No image available Remote-Control-inator Unknown TBA
Pauses, accelerates, or reverses someone's movements the way a real remote control does to the image on a TV
No image available Return-Body-inator Unknown TBA
Brings back missing bodies
No image available Return-inator Unknown TBA
Takes things back to their rightful place.
No image available Reveal-inator Unknown TBA
Reverts things that have been shapeshifted to their original form.
Rope-a-nator.png Rope-inator Unknown Odd Beginnings: Part 1
Creates a rope that hangs from the end of itself.
Sandwich-a-nator.png Sandwich-inator 3 TBA
This gadget creates a sandwich. It was inspired by Lord Sandwich, the fourth Earl Of Sandwich, and was created by Agent Todd.
No image available Save-it-For-Later-inator Unknown TBA
Stores things for later use.
Scissor-a-nator.png Scissor-inator Unknown Odd Beginnings: Part 1
The Scissor-inator is used to cut objects.
No image available Scratch-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
Shrink-a-nator.png Shrink-inator Unknown "Reindeer Games"
The Shrink-inator shrinks objects, it only works on reindeer.
No image available Snow-Disappear-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Snow-Go-Away-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
Sock-a-nator.png Sock-inator 11 "The Scientist"
The Sock-inator creates socks.
No image available Squirting Gadget Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Staple-inator Unknown "How To Afford Office Supplies (Training Video)"
This gadget creates staples.
No image available Sticky-Hand-inator Unknown "Villains In Need Are Villains Indeed"
Description To Be Added...
Sticky strings-a-nator.png Sticky String-inator 85 "Oscar Strikes Back"
This gadget creates sticky string. Oona created it by combining gadgets in "Oscar Strikes Back".
No image available Stretch-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Subtract-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Suit For Water Travel Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Super-Strength-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Supposed-to-Be-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Sweater-inator TBA "Oscar Strikes Back"
The Sweater-inator creates sweaters.
No image available Sweater-Takeoff-inator Unknown "Totally Odd Squad"
The Sweater-Takeoff-inator ends an endless loop of sweaters.
No image available Switch-inator Unknown

"Invasion of the Body Switchers"

Causes people to switch bodies
No image available Switch-Back-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
TV-get-out-a-nator.png TV-Get-Out-inator Unknown "My Better Half"
The TV-Get-Out-inator sucks people out of a television if they've gotten stuck inside it.
No image available Talk-inator Unknown "A Case of the Sing-Alongs"
This gadgets makes people talk. It is mostly used with mimes.
No image available Telescope Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Thermometer Unknown "Not So Splash"
The Thermometer measures temperature.
No image available Tiny-Note-inator TBA "Oscar Strikes Back"
The Tinynote-inator makes tiny sticky notes.
Toast-a-nator.png Toast-inator Unknown TBA
The Toast-inator makes toast...and that's it.
No image available Toaster Unknown "Drop Gadget Repeat"
The Toaster makes toast.
Toothbrush-a-nator.png Toothbrush-inator 1 "Assistant's Creed"
The Toothbrush-inator was the first gadget ever created. It is not used for brushing teeth; rather, it's used to comb your eyebrows. Its bristles are made from horse tail hair.
No image available Translator-inator Unknown "Portalandia"
Translates people's speech to the preferred language
No image available Trash-inator Unknown TBA
Explodes anything it zaps.
No image available Triangulator Unknown Training Day
The Triangulator creates small or large triangles. Agent Olive first used it to stop a pienado in Training Day.
No image available Truth-Sniff-inator Unknown Bad Lemonade
Detects false information in graphs.
No image available Un-Teddybear-inator TBA Assistant's Creed
The Un-Teddybear-inator takes away teddy bears and removes teddy bear hands.
No image available Un-Basket-of-Yarn-inator Unknown TBA
Takes away a basket of yarn in a shower of yarn balls. This gadget holds the record for 'fastest gadget creation to first gadget use'.
Un-cheesy-curl-a-nator.png Un-Cheesy-Curl-inator Unknown Soundcheck
The Un-Cheesy-Curl-inator changes you back into a human if you've turned into a cheese curl.
No image available Un-Claw-inator Unknown "The Jackies"
The Un-Claw-inator turns your hands into normal hands if they've turned into lobster claws.
No image available Un-Couch-inator Unknown "Oscar The Couch"
The Un-Couch-inator turns you back into a human if you've turned into a couch. The gadget is kept in a locked box. The combination to the box is found by clapping your hands twice in the presence of the three different agents who were hypnotized to give a job-related word problem to find out the numbers.
No image available Un-Float-inator Unknown "The Jackies"
The Un-Float-inator stops you from floating in the air.
No image available Un-High-Five-inator Unknown "First Day"
The Un-High-Five-inator stops people's hands from being stuck in the air after a high five.
No image available Un-Pie-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Un-Pudding-inator Unknown "Agent Obfusco"

The Un-Pudding-inator reverses what the Pudding-inator does.

No image available Un-Rain-inator Unknown TBA
Turns rain clouds into sunny skies
No image available Un-Tree-Cone-Apple-Orange-inator Unknown "Recipe For Disaster"
Stops vortexes caused by zapping 7 apples, 5 oranges, 10 traffic cones, and 5 trees in that order
No image available Un-Fireplace-inator Unknown TBA
The Un-Fireplace-inator removes a fireplace from your stomach.
No image available Universal Remote Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Unlock-inator Unknown TBA
Unlocks anything that has a lock on it.
No image available Un-Stickman-inator Unknown "Trials and Tubulations"
This gadget helps you if your drawing is terrible.
No image available Un-Weatherman-Zap-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Upside-Down-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
VCR-a-nator.png VCR-inator Unknown "Totally Odd Squad"
This gadget works as a VCR player (videocassette recorder).
No image available Weather-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available What-It-Would-Have-Been-Like-inator Unknown "Switch Your Partner Round and Round"
This gadget allows you to imagine what would life be like if an optional something had happened. Olive and Otto first used it to imagine what would life be like if Olive was partnered with Oren and Otto was partnered with Olaf in "Switch Your Partner Round and Round".
No image available Woosh-You-Back-in-Time-inator Unknown "Odd Squad: World Turned Odd"
Transports you to any point in time and is more convenient than the Day-inator
No image available Zap-inator Unknown TBA
Description To Be Added...
No image available Zero-inator Unknown "Zero Effect"
Adds a zero to the amount of anything. For example, it can change one head of lettuce to 10 or 100.


  • There are several inconsistencies when combining gadgets. In Training Video #26, when combining gadgets, tape is required to hold gadgets together. Several times, force is required, and most of the time, they stick together like magnets.
  • Both The Hole-in-one-a-nator and The Hat-a-nator are gadget number 10.
  • There are actually two versions of The Shrink-a-nator the first one was in "Reindeer Games", The second, Oona had in "Sir". The image on the right is the first version.