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Hold the Door
Season 1, Episode 19a
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 20, 2015
Written byRobby Hoffman
Directed byTim McKeon
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Hold the Door is the A-plot of the 19th episode of Odd Squad.


When a young agent-in-training named Ori keeps running into dangerous rooms throughout headquarters, Olive and Otto must catch him before Ms. O finds out.  

Olive's Random Slide

This...is a glass half full.

Learning Goal

Numbers and Operations: working with addition and subtraction equations

Plot (contains episode spoilers)

Olive and Otto are called into Ms. O’s office, where she tells them nothing odd has happened. They are then put in charge of taking new recruit Ori around headquarters. Olive and Otto start arguing about where to show Ori first, whether it's the lab or the donut room, but Ori steals a gadget from Otto, and after he takes it back, sets off an alarm in the lab. Ori runs away into the volcano room.

Olive and Otto can’t get in, so they ask Owen, who tells them there’s a lock on the dangerous doors in headquarters. They ask how Ori got in, and they learn Owen told him the code. Owen tells them you can enter with any combination of numbers that add up to eleven. They find a combination, and Otto saves Ori from the volcano, and Olive explains that the volcano room is a very dangerous room and he could have gotten hurt. Oscar arrives and is angry at them for letting a recruit into so much danger, but then they realize Ori is gone again.

They chase Ori until they find him in the dinosaur room. They find another combination that adds to eleven, and Oscar rescues Ori from the hungry dinosaurs. Dr. O arrives, and is angry at them for letting him get involved in so much danger. But sure enough, Ori’s gone again. They enter a code and all enter the princess room. Otto thinks saving Ori will be easy, but it's not. The princesses shoot lasers at everyone. Olive and Dr. O use shields to protect everyone as they escape the room.

Ms. O comes and tells them she saw everything on the security cameras. But she says she’s glad that they didn’t go easy on him. Ms. O says Ori has proven he is ready to be an agent, and presents Ori with his badge so that-

Ori is gone again.


  • The princess room has robot princesses that shoots lasers out of their eyes.
  • It is revealed that Owen puts locks on the most dangerous rooms. To unlock the lock, a combination of numbers must add up to eleven.
  • This is the first time Ms. O has ever told agents that something very odd has not happened.