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How to Interrogate a Unicorn
Season One, Episode 11a
Production Information
Air DateDecember 9, 2014
Written byRon Holsey, Tim McKeon
Directed byJ.J. Johnson, Craig David Wallace
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How to Interrogate a Unicorn is the A-plot of the 11th episode of Odd Squad.


When characters escape from their books in the library, Olive and Otto must figure out how and why it's happening and put a stop to it. Failure to do so will result in the library being permanently closed.

Olive's Random Slide

This...is me again.

Learning Goal

Data Collection and Analysis: sorting and classifying information.


Olive and Otto are on a case where every time a man says something, canned laughter plays, even though he didn't say anything funny. Olive doesn’t have a gadget to fix it but gives him a pair of earmuffs. Now the man is telling the agents that he can't hear what they are saying out loud and thanks them for his help, in which he actually ends up saying something funny.

Back at headquarters, Ms. O informs the agents that a unicorn, mummy, and robot walked into a library. Otto, thinking it's a joke, says he loves it. Ms. O says that it's not a joke, it's a disaster, because characters are escaping their books in the library and she shows the agents a video about it. After the video is over, Ms. O tells them to find out how and why this happened and put a stop to it, or else the library will be permanently closed. The agents are worried that's going to happen, but they get back to work, complying with Ms. O's order. Ms. O then tells them the characters have been rounded up and put in interrogation rooms. To look for the pattern, Otto interrogates the mummy, Oscar interrogates the robot, and Olive interrogates the unicorn.

Oscar and Otto have no difficulty, but the unicorn tries to attack Olive. Olive repeatedly asks the unicorn where he lives. After failed attempts to get the unicorn to answer, Olive calms down, takes a pencil, puts it on the table, and counts to three. During that time, a unicorn picks up the pencil and writes all the answers that she expects. Olive sees the answers and tells the unicorn that he did the right thing. Olive eventually leaves the interrogation room after Otto and Oscar are waiting for her, They go to the Mathroom and create a chart and they give answers to the first question: Where do the characters live?. The unicorn lives in "The Magical Land of Far Farnia". The robot lives in "Galaxon Seven". The mummy lives in "Pyramid". All three answers are different. They give answers to the second question: What's your favorite food?". The robot and unicorn both have favorite foods of carrots, while the mummy has a favorite food of caramel corn. Only two of them were correct. They then give answers to the third question: Who wrote the book you came from?. They all find that all three of the books were written by W. W. Williams.

Oscar goes off to eat a ham sandwich while the agents go to Williams’s house. The agents inform Williams that her books are so good that the characters are coming to life. Williams, regretting that she wrote the books, thinks that she can't write her books anymore. Otto says she can, but she has to wear the helmet while doing that going forward. But they receive a call from Mr. Fonts, who tells them that “Melphonsio, The Greatest Sorceror Who Has Ever Lived” has escaped. Williams says she never wrote a book about Melphonsio. It turns out that the reader is the one with the overactive imagination, so whatever book the reader reads, the characters come to life. They take the helmet away from her and go.

They head to the library, where Mr. Fonts shows them a chart. Lots of people read one of the books, some people read two or three books, but one person read all four books, which is Oscar. They realize that all the books Oscar reads are coming to life. They see Oscar reading The Wizard of Oz, and a tornado appears. It begins to suck up all the books, but Melphonsio shouts, “Excelsior!” and ends the tornado. They return to headquarters and give Oscar a hat to contain the characters and Ms. O explains that Oscar only needs to wear the helmet while reading a book. Otto tells Ms. O to read them a story. She does, but only says "The End" and then tells them to get back to work. The episode ends as she actually reads the book happily.


  • Ms. O wears reading glasses.
  • One of the files Ms. O has in her hand has the number 43 on it marking the fifth 43 hint on the show.
  • In "First Day", Professor O tells the trainees they have a test on how to interrogate a unicorn which is a nod at this episode.
  • This episode reveals that Oscar has such a vivid imagination that characters literally come out of their books.