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Interview with Olive is the eleventh episode of OddTube. It premiered on January 19, 2017.


In the Interrogation Room, Olympia interviews Agent Olive.


Olympia starts up high and descends with each word and ends up too low at the end.

The digit 2.


Easter Egg

Olympia says it is Question Time in this episode and tells the viewers that they can ask her about anything, including pandas. She asks the viewers to go to pbskids.org/oddtube to ask her the questions.


  • Olympia mentions that she got to work with Olive once when Weird Tom almost destroyed the world, which is a reference to "Odd Squad: The Movie".
  • Olympia also gets to talk to Otto in this episode.
  • In this episode, it is made known that Olive's favorite day at Odd Squad is when Todd released a Pienado into Headquarters in the season 1 episode, "Training Day".
  • Olive's phone number has Odd todd's badge number: 43