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Invasion of the Body Switchers
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Season 1, Episode 14b
Production Information
Air DateDecember 26, 2014
Written byMark De Angelis
Directed byTim McKeon
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Invasion of the Body Switchers is the B-plot of the 14th episode of Odd Squad.


When Ms. O and Oscar accidentally switch bodies, Olive and Otto must set things right before Ms. O's O Test.

Learning Goal

Geometry: identifying two-dimensional shape attributes and composition.

Plot (contains spoilers)

Olive and Otto appear on an airplane and ask a man what the problem is. He says there’s nothing, and Olive and Otto explain that he must have accidentally pressed the Odd Squad button. As they go to leave, a woman tells them her hands have turned into sandwiches. They fix it and when they return, O'Grady tells them Ms. O called for them. But once they reach her office, they find Ms. O (who is actually Oscar) sitting in her chair, telling them something odd has happened. Otto asks Oscar why he is in Ms. O's chair. Oscar tells Otto that he's not Oscar. Ms. O is Oscar.

Ms. O arrives and tells them he and Ms. O switched bodies. Oscar explains that he and Ms. O were playing Toss-the-Switchinator when Oscar dropped the Switchinator. (From now on, I’m referring to Oscar in Ms. O’s body as Oscar, and Ms. O in Oscar’s body as Ms. O.) Ms. O tells them they have to fix the gadget before her O Test because Oscar can’t take it because he’ll fail, and if a Director fails their O Test, they’re kicked off the Squad.

Just then, Professor O arrives. As Oscar stalls him, Ms. O and the agents hurry down to the lab. Ms. O explains that they need a hexagon, a square, and a rectangle to fix the Switchinator. They look for the items and find that Agent Orchid has a hexagon.

While Oscar stalls Professor O with Ms. O’s stapler, the agents find Orchid and tell her that they need the gadget. Orchid says that she also needs the gadget, that's why she's holding it. Otto starts to discuss something important to her and then she says that they can have the hexagon if they promise to stop talking to her and being annoying. They stop talking to her and then get the gadget. They return to the lab and see that Oren and Olaf have the square. They tell them that the square is needed for a top-secret mission involving their greatest fears (pancakes, not growing up to be a dentist) and easily get the square.

They can’t find a rectangle but realize two triangles would also work and decide to get them from two other agents. Ms. O tells them that once they're done, they need to meet outside of his office. Otto asks which office, Oscar's office or Ms. O's office? Ms. O says he means his office because he's Ms. O. Dr. O appears and asks Oscar if he's actually “Ms. O”. They say they’re playing a game. Olive is named Otto, Otto is named Olive, and Oscar is named Ms. O. Dr. O tells them to call her Doctor Pickle. WHAT’S NEXT?! Otto and Olive go get the triangles.

Professor O hands Ms. O (who is actually Oscar) a case with a Friggle Frog and tells her to explain what to do if it escapes and gives her 10 seconds to answer, or else she’ll no longer be Ms. O. Just then, Ms. O and the agents arrive and use the Switchinator, and Ms. O correctly answers. They realize that Professor O has switched bodies with the Friggle Frog, but he thanks them, since he has always wanted to be a Friggle Frog, and tells Ms. O she can keep her job. Oscar and Ms. O congratulate each other and say that it's good to be back in their bodies. The Friggle Frog tells someone to get him back in his pond and the agents guide Professor O.


  • The episode's title is a play on a 1956 sci-fi movie called Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • If a Friggle Frog escapes its case, you need to execute Procedure 617-AXY-27.
  • This is the first and only appearance of Professor O.