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Life of O'Brian
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Season 1, Episode 13a
Production Information
Air DateDecember 19, 2014
Written byJeff Detsky
Directed byTim McKeon
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"Agent Obfusco""Whatever Happened to Agent Oz?"

Life of O'Brian is the A-plot of the 13th episode of Odd Squad.


When O'Brian won’t let Olive access the tubes, she has to solve the mystery of what she did to upset him and what time she did it.

Olive's Random Slide

This...is my lucky basketball.


When Otto comments that he and Olive haven’t had a case yet today, Ms. O immediately calls them on a case. She tells them that there are Laser chickens in the park. When they go to the tube lobby, Otto goes to the park, but O'Brian accidentally fails to send Olive. He keeps pretending to try but purposely fails.

Oscar pulls Olive out of the lobby and tells her he’s tube-blocking her. Olive is confused, but Oscar tells her that she did something to make him mad and now she has to apologize for what she did to him or he won't let her use the tubes. Olive tells O'Brian to tell her what she did so that she can apologize because she doesn’t know what to apologize for. O’Brian is furious that she doesn’t know and denies her tube access, and Otto is now stranded in the park with angry laser chickens. Olive tells O'Brian that she has to go, but Oscar comes in and pulls Olive out of the lobby again. Olive tells Oscar she is talking to Ms. O. Oscar tells her not to because Agent Orbot was the last agent who tattled on O'Brian, whom she never heard of. Oscar tells Olive that if she wants to help Otto, then she has to figure out what she did to make him mad. Olive points out that she made a mistake to O'Brian this morning. The current time is 12:00 PM so she had to have made the mistake before then. O'Brian arrived at headquarters at 9:00 AM. So Olive had to have done something to O'Brian in the three-hour period between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Olive remembers that she was in the Odd Squad gym at 9:00 AM and she saw O'Brian there too. Something must have happened.

Olive and Oscar request Owen to help them out with the problem, but Owen says that he can't because he doesn't want to risk O'Brian getting mad because last time Owen snitched on O'Brian, Owen was trapped in the tubes for three days, and he missed his own birthday. Olive accepts and tells Owen to go on break so that they look at the security footage, but Owen says he can't go on break if they're going to look at the security footage. Olive says that they're not going to do it, then Owen says he will go on break and announces it. While Owen is not looking, Olive and Oscar look at the security footage and determine that while Olive and O’Brian were in the gym, Olive accidentally hit O’Brian, hard, in the head, with a basketball. This happened at 9:30. Olive goes and apologizes, but O’Brian tells her that that wasn’t the only thing she did and still denies her tube access, but he does accept her apology for the basketball incident. Olive goes back to the main headquarters, but she is also door-blocked by O'Brien, who is trying to make fun of her. He lets her go inside.

Olive says that the other thing had to happen between 10 and 12 in the morning, but Oscar says that O'Brian was fixing a tube between 10 and 10:30. They both determine that the other thing occurred between 10:30 and 12 in the morning. Just then Octavia calls them to come to the ballroom. And when they meet Octavia in the Ballroom, she tells them that she talked to O'Brian and he was mad about something Olive did. Olive asks Octavia what it was, but Octavia said that he wouldn't tell her. The last time Octavia snitched on O'Brian, he wouldn't let her leave headquarters for a week. Octavia says that she talked to O'Brian at 11:00, so the second thing happened before then. Olive and Oscar exit the ball pit and eliminate 11:00-12:00. They figure out that she was doing some paperwork at her desk and ate a snack between 10:30 and 11, and when they check Olive’s trash can, they find O’Brian’s yogurt. Olive then realizes that O'Brian was mad because she accidentally ate his yogurt.

Just then, Otto returns and tells them that the chickens are gone, and gives them a laser chicken egg. Olive goes to the tube lobby and apologizes to O’Brian, who accepts her apology and grants her tube access. She gives him a laser-chicken egg and threatens to hatch the laser chicken unless he promises to never tube-block her or anyone else again. He promises. She then tells O'Brian to take a long break. O'Brian back-answers her, but she forces him to do it. But after he leaves, it hatches, leaving Olive to deal with it as it annihilates the tube lobby.


  • The title is a tribute to the Monty Python movie "The Life of Brian".
  • This is the first episode to center around the tube operators, the second being "Trials and Tubulations".
  • It is revealed that Olive was not the only agent to be mistreated by O'Brian. Owen and Octavia were also mistreated by O'Brian.
  • If an agent comments out loud that they were not given a case yet, Ms. O will give them a case.
  • This is the first appearance of Owen.