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The Management department is a department at Odd Squad. They are the top-ranked department in all precincts.

Of the 9 most prominently featured departments, it ranks second hierarchically, being only below The Big Office.


Odd Squad Directors are the heads of Odd Squad precincts. They are referred to exclusively by "Mr. O" or "Ms. O" depending on gender, which is a title they gain upon being promoted.

Many Directors do not go out into the field, and instead confine themselves to their own offices within Headquarters. However, it is not uncommon for Directors to go off on secret missions, or to assist their own employees in the field on their own cases, from time to time.

They assign cases to Investigation agents to have them solve, and handle reports on these cases as they come in.

All agents promoted to the Management department must undergo rigorous training that includes practicing assigning cases to agents, picking out a signature drink, and strength training via martial arts.


Employees who work or have worked in the Management department include: