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Math Room
Name Math Room
A/K/A Carol
Gender Female
Occupation To help the Odd Squad agents with cases
Friends Ms. O
Abilities Math

Generating images

Voice Actor T.J. McGibbon

Math Room, also known as Carol by Ms. O and O'Donahue, is a main character in Odd Squad.


The Math Room is a virtual space construct that Odd Squad agents retreat to by twisting their badges to visualize mathematical problems. She is made out of sentient origami papers.


Ms. O - The Math Room is good friends with Ms. O, as the latter calls the former Carol, and they knew each other when Ms. O was still an agent.


  • "Generating..."
  • "Greetings, agents!"


  • Agents often times announce that they need to go to the Math Room in the same way as you would say that you need to go to the bathroom, quite possibly as a joke.
  • The Math Room was (presumably) designed and created by Ms. O, as implied in "Fistful of Fruit Juice".
  • She likes bagels.
  • Agents can also access the Math Room using the Portalinator.
  • As of Season 2 and onward, the Math Room is no longer used, and watches have replaced its function.


Season 1