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MUV in the sky.

Mobile Unit Van is the vehicle that The Mobile Unit agents use to travel around the world; it also serves as their main workplace. Although it looks like the size of a normal van on the outside, it is very large on the inside and has multiple rooms and hallways just like an Odd Squad headquarters. The Big O gave it to the newly-formed Mobile Unit in "Odd Beginnings: Part 2". It is run by a computer named Van Computer.

In the OddTube episode "Van Secrets", it is revealed that the van was built by maintenance worker Agent Onika.



  • Its license plate number is 1.
  • Instead of water, the van's sinks run pineapple juice.
  • The van is mostly seen flying and occasionally drives on land.
  • Agent Opal usually sits in the front of the van even if she is not driving.
  • It relies on water for fuel.
  • It has 932 1/2 rooms and 87 floors.
  • Its make and model is a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter.


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