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Ms. O Uh-Oh
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Season 1, Episode 8b
Production Information
Air DateDecember 3, 2014
Written byTerry McGurrin
Directed byMichael Kennedy
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Ms. O Uh-Oh is the B-plot of the 8th episode of Odd Squad.


When Oscar accidentally drops his Day-inator, another Ms. O comes from the past, Olive, Otto, and Oscar must send her back to the day she came from or there will be a timetastrophe.

 Learning Goal

  • Measurement: Using a calendar


Olive and Otto are on a case where a man’s toaster is being very rude and insulting the other appliances. Olive walks over and unplugs it. That solves the problem. Back at headquartersMs. O and Oscar find Olive and Otto and tell them that Oscar’s new time travel gadget, the Dayinator, just malfunctioned and brought another Ms. O from the past. The past Ms. O has now taken over the real Ms. O’s office.

Otto asks Oscar how dropping the Dayinator gadget made another Ms. O. Oscar tells him it's not really another Ms. O, it's the same Ms. O, just from another day in the past. The Dayinator will be able to send the Past Ms. O back to her time. If he can figure out what day the Past Ms. O came from, he can successfully send her back to the past. Otto and Olive attempt to ask the Past Ms. O but Oscar stops them and explains that they have to be careful- if Past Ms. O finds out she’s in the future, or they send her back to the wrong day, it will cause a Timetastrophe. Oscar explains what a timetastrophe is in a flashback and Olive agrees it's bad. Subsequently, Otto and Olive point out that if the Past Ms. O sees the Present Ms. O, they will know something is up. To make sure that the two Ms. Os don’t see each other, Present Ms. O hides in the ball pit.

Otto runs into Past Ms. O’s office and yells “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Past Ms. O tells him it’s not New Year's Day and tells him that he has to get out of her office and counts down from 10. Otto tells everyone the good news, Ms. O is not from January 1. Olive tells Otto that there are 365 days in a year. He only eliminated one day which still leaves 364 days she could still be from. Otto says he doesn't think he can get yelled at that many times. Otto mentions that Past Ms. O is grumpy because she's boiling hot, she is also wearing a sweater and boots, and it's so hot outside. Oscar says that she's probably not from summer though. The three go downstairs to the lab. Oscar explains that there are 12 months in the year. Given the fact that the other Ms. O is wearing boots and a sweater, the day she's from must be cold. They pull the months of the year calendar into thin air. Olive points out that if the other Ms. O is from a cold day, then the months that are not cold should be eliminated. Otto points out that it's not cold in the summer, so Oscar eliminates June, July, and August because those are summer months. Olive points out that spring is cool but a little warmer, so Oscar eliminates March, April, and May. Otto points out that snow doesn't usually come in the fall, so September, October, and November are eliminated, leaving only December, January, and February as the possible months of where the Past Ms. O came from. However, there are still so many days left and Oscar starts complaining the next stage of the timetastrophe where after the time-quake, timeholes will appear, allowing things from different times to travel to the current time. (Examples: a 1920's businessman, a Viking, and worst of all, a go-go dancer.) Olive ensures to Oscar that won't happen, they will find out what day the other Ms. O came from, they just need more clues.

Olive tells Otto to go back inside Ms. O. Otto says he went in last time. She then asks Oscar to go. Oscar asks Olive why she can't go. Olive says she is deciding who should go. The three argue about who should go. Just then Octavia shows up, and they find Octavia and they tell her that there is a Ms. O in the office that is not the real Ms. O, instead that Ms. O is from a different day in the past but they don't know which day, and she tells Octavia to go in, get some clues so they can figure out which day she's from. She asks if should ask that Ms. O which day she's from, they say "no" because it'll cause a timetastrophe. Octavia asks if she should tell her that she's a timetastrophe, they say "no". She thinks that they are all timetastrophes, they say "no" again. Octavia decides to just go up there and find some clues. Olive says Octavia not to worry about it and they thank Octavia for helping them. The three of them decide to go in the past Ms. O's office. They look in Past Ms. O’s office, and see her decorating for Christmas, Otto says that she's from December 25th and decides to get everyone to zap her. Olive stops him because no one puts decorations on Christmas, they do it before Christmas but they're getting closer. The three of them go back downstairs and Olive eliminates January and February because those months are after Christmas and they would be too late. Otto eliminates December 26-31 because no one decorates for Christmas after Christmas. Olive also eliminates December 25th because no one puts decorations on Christmas. As a result, they know it’s some time in December, before the 25th. This leaves December 1-24. Ms. O calls Olive and asks her why it's taking so long. Olive tells her that they're working as fast as they can. Ms. O orders them to work faster. Olive tries to remember what else Ms. O was doing. Decorating, then she yelled at them, then she took a bite of her sandwich. Oscar asks which sandwich she was eating. Otto notices that Past Ms. O was eating a roast beef, heavy mustard, light mayo with a seven-grain bread sandwich. Since Ms. O only eats those on Thursdays, they eliminate any day that is not Thursday. Now they know that she’s from December 3, 10, 17, or 24. Otto decides to pick one and blast her. Oscar asks Otto if he wants to face the time sheep. Olive and Otto asks what time sheep are. That's the final stage of the timetastrophe and it goes into a flashback. After the flashback is done, Otto says it's cool, but after seeing the look on Olive and Oscar's faces, he takes it back and admits it's not cool.

Olive points out that December 10th is her birthday. Oscar asks Olive if she really wants to talk about her birthday, when they're in the middle of a timetastrophe, maybe she wants to do a party or go bowling. Olive comes up with a different plan. Since December 10 is Olive’s birthday, she tests that theory by taking the December calendar with her and going into Past Ms. O’s office and asking for the day off on her birthday. When Past Ms. O says her birthday was last week, Olive announces that she is from December 17th and tells everyone to zap her. Oscar sets the Dayinator to December 17th and begins blasting her. While Past Ms. O tries to fight them, blocking the laser beams with a metal tray, Olive tells the past Ms. O to put down the tray and then they will put down the gadgets. When the past Ms. O asks what this is all about, they trick her into dropping the tray and shoot her into December 17. They celebrate and dance because they stopped the time sheep and floating turtles from coming. After they get Present Ms. O out of the ball pit and sent her back to her office, they see another Ms. O, ordering them to get back to work. Oscar mentions that he had dropped the Dayinator several times, and now there are multiple Ms. Os. Oscar says that it needs a handling and he understands that now. A timetastrophe begins and time sheep appear. Olive reluctantly says "hello" to the time sheep.


  • A timetastrophe includes floating turtles.
  • This episode is likely to have taken place in 2010 because December started on a Tuesday in 2009, which was the previous year according to this episode. This means that the past Ms. O was likely from December 17, 2009, which was a Thursday.

Errors / Goofs

  • Oscar states that the Time Sheep's arrival is the final stage of the timetastrophe. However, at the end of the episode when the timetastrophe begins, the Time Sheep appears first.


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