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Mystic Egg Pizza
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Season 1, Episode 20b
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 21, 2015
Written byCharles Johnston
Directed byWarren P. Sonoda
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"Puppet Show""6:00 to 6:05"

Mystic Egg Pizza is the B-plot of the 20th episode of Odd Squad.


With the help of Olive and Otto, Delivery Debbie and Delivery Doug must figure out why their food is disappearing.

Learning Goal

Numbers and Operations: understanding fractions—halves, thirds, and fourths.


The agents are on a case where every time a man opens his garbage can, he sees himself and the agents down there. The agents freak out because that's them. The man requests to have his garbage back. Otto asks whether the Garbage-inator or Trash-inator should be used. Olive suggests watching what the others do. Otto asks the same question in the garbage can. Olive suggests the Trash-inator and zaps it and the garbage can disappears. Otto uses the Garbage-inator and zaps it and the garbage comes. Although it works, the same people are up and Olive tells the man not to look up, which he accepts.

The agents are back at the Squad, where Ms. O tells them something very odd has happened and shows them Delivery Debbie from Debbie's Pizza Delivery. She has been delivering pizzas all day, and every time a customer opens up a pizza box, they find pieces of pizza missing. It was a whole pizza when she put it in there. Olive asks her who is trying to make pieces of her pizza disappear. She says that she is not one to point fingers, but she points to a picture of Delivery Doug, who is an egg-salad sandwich deliverer. Debbie also tells them that Delivery Doug is jealous of her business and wants to ruin it. Otto points out that they should pay Doug a visit before blaming him for stealing Debbie's pizza. Ms. O says either way, and tells the three to go.

The three enter Delivery Doug's house, where they are disgusted by the smell of the vats of egg salad. Delivery Doug is surprised to see Delivery Debbie, Agents Ootoo and Oolavey (not misspellings, but the way he pronounced the names). Olive tells him that's not even close to saying their names right. Delivery Debbie blames Doug for stealing her pieces of pizza. Otto says that they don't know that yet. Doug says he didn't steal a thing. He also points out that the same thing has been happening with his egg salad sandwiches. He had a whole egg salad sandwich when he put it in there. Otto asks who would do this. Doug says he doesn't want to point fingers, but he points to a picture of Debbie and both of them argue about stealing each other's pieces of food. His mom asks if everything fine and he says "yes". Olive asks who would steal two pieces of pizza and two pieces of egg salad sandwich. Otto points out that it probably has something to do with the number 2. The agents suspect Tommy Twosie and Debbie decides to pay him a visit and Doug decides to take the Eggmobile. Olive and Otto are excited to take the Eggmobile and Doug says they are going to love it.

Otto tells Doug that when he said Eggmobile, he thought it would be shaped like an egg. Doug says it actually smells like one, but it's not actually shaped like an egg. Olive asks if the windows work. Doug says "no", but the heater does and so does the stereo. Doug puts on the new song he recorded for everyone to hear on the stereo and sings along with it. They arrive on the street of where he lives and Doug asks what Tommy Twosie looks like. Olive shows him and Otto tells Doug what Tommy Twosie looks like and decides to open the door and catch him. They're about to get out of the car when Doug stops and tells them that the only door that can open from the inside is the passenger-side door and he never jokes around about the Eggmobile. Tommy Twosie is walking and Odd Squad and the delivery people stop him. Tommy is scared and throws his grocery bags to the agents and tries to run away. Tommy says that they're lucky he is not wearing his running shoes today. Otto tells Tommy Twosie that they know he has been stealing pieces of pizza and egg salad sandwiches. Tommy Twosie tells them that if he wanted to steal pieces of pizza or egg salad sandwiches. He would take two whole pizzas or two whole sandwiches. He thinks it's weird to have a quarter of one. Otto asks what a 25-cent quarter has to do with this. Tommy Twosie says he is not talking money and he explains to everyone that if there is a whole circle that is cut into four equal pieces, the same way the pizza and egg salad sandwich were cut, each piece would be called a quarter or a fourth and shows everyone. Olive points out that the pizza and egg sandwich are missing two quarters each. Debbie asks who would steal quarters of something. Tommy Twosie says he is not one to point fingers but points to a picture of Quarter Quinn and everyone goes back inside the Eggmobile. Tommy says it's cool and takes it back by saying not cool. Doug explains that just because it's an Eggmobile doesn't mean it has to be shaped like an egg. They all argue about this. Doug puts on a tune that he recorded with his mom.

They all arrive at Quarter Quinn's house and frame her for oddness. She says that she wants to leave town as fast as possible without telling anyone. Debbie and Doug frame her for stealing pieces of pizza and egg salad sandwiches. Quarter Quinn introduces herself and tells everyone when she steals things, it's only a quarter of something. Whoever did this is into 2 quarters or 2 fourths. Everyone is confused. Quarter Quinn explains to everyone that if someone has 4 equal pieces of something, 2 quarters is the same thing as 2 fourths. Olive realizes that Quarter Quinn is right and shows everyone on the pizzas and egg salad sandwiches. Quarter Quinn points out that she has been having the same problem. Two quarters of her clock are missing. Delivery Debbie asks who is responsible for it. Quarter Quinn says she is not one to point fingers, but she points to a picture where no one is in it. She doesn't know who is responsible. Doug says whoever is responsible, no one will find them standing around here. Debbie refuses to continue with the Eggmobile and both Debbie and Doug argue and Otto stops their argument and shows them that the two pieces became a half circle. Olive explains to everyone that the pizza and sandwich both had 2 quarters missing. Putting them together makes one half of a whole. Debbie points out that the guy that sold her her pizza boxes was having a half-price sale. Doug also points out that the guy that sold him his egg salad sandwiches was also having a half-price sale. Quarter Quinn also points out that the same thing has been happening for her moving boxes. Tommy Twosie says he doesn't have any moving boxes, but if he did, the same thing would probably have happened to him. Olive points out that all the boxes are from the same place and says that they should pay a visit to the box master, who is Keith. Quarter Quinn says the same thing Otto said. Doug tells her that unless she is kicking in gas money, he doesn't want to hear it, but he knows they will want to hear his new slow jam and puts it on and sings it along. Otto likes it, while Delivery Debbie doesn't.

Keith, the box master, apologizes because he didn't know his boxes were making half of everything disappear because they were half price. The same thing has been happening when he bought a price-sticker machine from a wizard. He makes his boxes full price and the pizza and egg salad sandwich are full price. Delivery Debbie and Delivery Doug finally get along together. Otto suggests that they should try to work together. They agree and make a song about themselves, which is not what they had in mind. Ms. O tells them to start working on getting rid of the egg-salad pizzas that were delivered to them. The delivery people love them. Olive and Otto eat them and they feel nauseous after taking a bite.


  • This episode's title is named after the 1988 film Mystic Pizza.
  • This is the only episode Quarter Quinn appears in.