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New Jacket Required
Season 2, Episode 29b
Production Information
Air Date06/11/18
Written byMark De Angelis
Directed byWarren P. Sonoda
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"Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way""The Deposit Slip-Up"

New Jacket Required is the B-Plot of the episode 29th episode of Odd Squad, Season 2.


Otis struggles with a new jacket that is more high-tech than he is used to.

Learning Goal

  • Learning how to use negative numbers


Otis and Olympia arrive at a garden to solve a case. Olympia spots Oona greets her and tells her that they're looking for someone with an odd problem. Oona tells the two that she called them and that she has a green thumb literally. Oona tells them but she doesn't have any gadgets with her; she only has gadgets when she is working and that today is her day-off. She says you can tell because she is wearing jeans. Otis brings out his Un-Green-Thumb-inator gadget and Oona comments on how she made it. They zap Oona's thumb and it turns back into it's normal color. Immediately Oona's off-work friend, Shelley comes and asks her what does she think of her plant. Oona responds with a thumbs-up. As soon as Shelley leaves, Oona tells Olympia "That was a close one".

Back at headquarters, Ms. O is creating a juice box with macaroni art. Olympia and Otis arrive at her office and Ms. O tells them that Mr. Lightning has created an evil machine that can do all sorts of evil things. Otis and Olympia interrupt to ask if what it does really matters. Ms. O tells them the main part is that they get it from him. Ms. O then tells Otis that he has to get a new jacket. Otis asks what's wrong with the one he's wearing now; however, Olympia points out that the back of it is completely destroyed and taped together. Otis goes with Ms. O to get a new jacket.

In the clothing room, Ms. O introduces Agent O’Q, the Odd Squad tailor, to Otis. O’Q greets Ms. O and she tells him that Otis needs a new jacket. A piece of the wall opens up where Otis' new jacket is. Otis says that it looks the same as his old jacket, but O’Q shows Otis some of the high-tech features it has. He tells Otis to raise his left arm and double-tap his middle button. Doing so, a net pops out of his jacket and traps O’Q. He then tells Otis to check his pocket. There is iceberg lettuce in his pocket. Otis is confused and O’Q gives him the manual to his jacket. O’Q tells Otis that his personal favorite is when you tap all the buttons at once, a plunger will shoot across the room. Otis tells O’Q that he doesn't need all of the buttons. While Otis is leaving, O’Q takes a bite out of the lettuce and tells Otis that there is salad dressing in his collar.

Meanwhile, in the bullpen, Olympia becomes excited upon seeing her partner and his new jacket and asks Otis if that is the brand new high-tech gadget O’Q has been working on. Otis asks her how she can tell; Olympia says that there is a top stitch around the pockets, the buttons are slightly larger, and the lapel pins are slightly smaller. She becomes even more excited that Otis has the instruction manual and tells him that they need to try out some new features. Otis tells Olympia he's "not the type of guy that wants all the bells and whistles". As he says that, the jacket becomes covered with bells and whistles. Olympia tells Otis that he figured out the voice activation feature. Aside from that, Olympia tells Otis that according to Baby Genius, Mr. Lightning lives at Villain Estates and that the Ice Cream Surveillance Truck is ready to go. While leaving, Otis' walking creates noise from the bells. Olympia takes the manual from him and promises that she'll figure out how to fix that.

Meanwhile, Orson parks the truck in the Villain Estates' driveway. Otis and Olympia try to figure out what floor Mr. Lightning lives on. Olympia reads the clue Baby Genius gave her earlier: "Mr. Lightning used to live on floor 1, but recently he moved 3 floors down." Otis discovers that he lives on Floor -2 using a vertical number line.

Otis arrives on the floor but doesn't know what apartment Mr. Lightning lives in. Olympia tells Otis that there is a shrinking function on his new jacket; he just has to press his left lapel pin to activate it. Otis scoffs and attempts to do so. Suddenly, the "alert mode" is activated on his jacket causing loud alarms to go off. Otis asks her what is happening, only for Olympia to ask him if he tapped or pushed the pin. Otis asks what the difference is, trying to keep quiet. Olympia says she doesn't know. Otis then asks her how to shut it off; however, before Olympia finds out how, Miss Tornado shows up hearing the alarms. Miss Tornado tells Otis that she isn't going anywhere with him, thinking that Otis is after her. Otis tells her to ignore his jacket. Suddenly, the jacket's voice message says do not ignore this order. Using her powers, Miss Tornado throws a tornado at Otis, but Otis dodges it and runs away to another hallway.

Otis then meets a janitor and tells him that he is looking for Mr. Lightning. The janitor informs him that he is on the wrong floor and Mr. Lightning moved in with Evil Landscaper about a week ago. Otis asks which floor but the janitor tells him that there is a No-Tattletale Code in effect. Otis says that only applies to villains, but the janitor states that he agreed to the code in order to get the job there. The janitor gives Otis a clue and tells him that Evil Landscaper lives 2 floors down from the one they are standing in. Using his watch and a number line, Otis discovers that Evil Landscaper lives on Floor -4. The janitor tells Otis to be careful, referring to Mr. Lightning's evil machine as he almost tells Otis what it does. However, the agent interrupts him, saying that he just has to get the machine.

Otis arrives on Floor -4. Olympia tries to determine what apartment belongs to Mr. Lightning, but she has nothing. Suddenly Miss Tornado shows up again, leading Otis to ask Olympia to give him a jacket function he can use. Olympia tells him that if he pushes all of the buttons at once, he can shoot a plunger. Otis tells Olympia to give him something useful. Olympia tells him to tug his right sleeve to turn invisible. Otis attempts to do so and he activates wings. Otis is puzzled and Olympia asks him if he tugged on, or pulled the sleeve. The wings leave Otis stuck in the hallway. He tells Miss Tornado that he's not here for her and he just needs to find out what apartment Evil Landscaper lives in. Otis hears a voice and realizes that Evil Landscaper is behind him; however, the agent can't see him because his wings are in the way. Evil Landscaper and Miss Tornado then team up to take him down, but he just tells the two that he just needs to find Mr. Lightning. The two agree to help Otis because they do not like Mr. Lightning. Evil Landscaper states that Mr. Lightning forgot to water his plants. Miss Tornado says that she can't tell where he is cause there is a No-Tattletale Code in effect. Evil Landscaper gives Otis a clue: Mr. Lightning is hanging out on a floor that is 6 floors from where they are. Otis pulls out his watch. Miss Tornado and Evil Landscaper get jealous of his fancy watch and start mocking him while leaving. Using his watch, Otis discovers that Mr. Lightning is on Floor 2.

When he gets to Floor 2, he finds that Mr. Lightning is there. Mr. Lightning begins to brag about his evil machine and what it does; however, Otis interrupts him saying that Odd Squad just needs it, no explanation needed. Olympia arrives with the manual, letting the villain know about her partner's new jacket. Mr. Lightning immediately zaps the manual with his lightning powers and begins zapping everything around him. Otis and Olympia manage to hide from him and open up the manual, but it is burnt, much to their dismay. Olympia apologizes to Otis, saying that the entire ordeal is all her fault and she wanted him to use his new jacket, but she pushed it too far. He gets an idea, saying that he needs to push more buttons. He comes out from hiding, faces Mr. Lightning, and pushes a button, not knowing what it does. He manages to activate toast, then soothing ocean sounds. He eventually manages to activate "force-field mode" when Mr. Lightning tries to zap him. Olympia tells Otis to activate the plunger. He presses all of the buttons, causing a plunger to shoot out, which latches onto the briefcase with the evil machine inside before Otis pulls it back. Mr. Lightning is dismayed over his loss until he is interrupted by the janitor saying he is cleaning and he finds the yelling he's doing distracting. Mr. Lightning apologizes and continues saying "no" in a hushed tone of voice, walking away with his fists in the air.

O’Q then shows up, telling them that he's been monitoring them. He explains that the jacket is far too dangerous and it needs some adjustments before anyone wears it again. Otis states otherwise, saying that maybe it just needs someone who knows how to handle it before he exits through a hole in the ceiling. O’Q remarks that he should really get rid of the "eject seat" function, to which Olympia agrees.


  • Otis doesn't know the difference between pull and tug, and tap and push.