Not So Splash
Season 1, Episode 33a
Production Information
Air DateOctober 13, 2015
Written byJeff Detsky
Alex Fox
Rachel Lewis
Directed byStephen Reynolds
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Not So Splash is the A-plot of the 33rd episode of Odd Squad. It is the 4th part of Odd Squad: Against the Odds.


In the middle of summer, Olive and Otto investigate why parts of town are turning snowy and cold. 

Olive's Random Slide Ms. O's happy face.

Learning Goal

  • Measurement: using a thermometer and comparing temperatures.

Plot (contains episode spoilers)



  • Initially on iMDB, this episode was listed as the A-Plot of episode 28, but presumably, due to production schedule changes, it was swapped with "Captain Fun".
  • This is the last appearance of the Math Room.