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O is for Opposite
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Season 2, Episode 15a
Production Information
Air Date3/20/17
Written byScott Montgomery
Directed byStephen Reynolds
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For the similarly-titled Season 1 episode, see O is Not for Old.

For the similarly-titled Season 1 finale episode, see O is Not For Over.

O is for Opposite is the A-plot of the 15th episode of season 2 of Odd Squad.


When Ms. O gets trapped in a mirror, and Ms. O's reflection escapes, Olympia, Otis and Oona must predict where Opposite Ms. O will be to catch her and free the real Ms. O.

Olympia's Random Slide

This...is a nice place for a field trip.

Learning Goal

  • Use probability and data collected to determine the next option that is most likely to be chosen




  • This episode reveals that Delivery Doug uses goat eggs for his egg salad sandwiches.