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O is Not for Old
Season 1, Episode 17b
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 27, 2015
Written byJulie Sherman Wolfe
Directed byJ. J. Johnson
Craig David Wallace
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For the other similarly-titled Season 1 episode, see O is Not For Over.

For the similarly-titled Season 2 episode, see O is For Opposite.

O is Not for Old is the B-plot of the 17th episode of Odd Squad. It is also the final part in the special "Odd Squad Saves The World".


The agents throw a surprise party for Ms. O, but they have to stall her until it's ready.

Learning Goal

Data Collection and Analysis: creating and interpreting circle graphs and bar graphs


Olive and Otto are on a case where a man’s bag of chips is filled with things like a trumpet or a feather. They zap it with a gadget, but once they leave, the man realizes it’s sour cream, which he doesn’t like.

They return to headquarters, where everyone has gathered for Ms. O’s surprise birthday party.

Oscar got her out of the office by telling her there was a juice box in the garage. The mechanic insists that there’s no juice box, but Ms. O continues to search. That’s when Oscar realizes he forgot the cake. He can make a new one, but everyone is fighting over which flavor the cake should be. Olive says vanilla, Otto says chocolate, Oren says strawberry, and Olaf says, "potato".

To settle the debate, Oscar calls in Polly Graph. While O’Malley stalls Ms. O by locking the tube lobby, Polly conducts a survey and determines that the cake with the most votes is chocolate. After Oscar makes the cake, he realizes he forgot to get Ms. O a present. Everyone begins to fight over whether to get her a bike or a trampoline. O’Malley stalls Ms. O by sending odd creatures into the tube lobby. Meanwhile, everyone takes a vote, and it’s a tie. Initially disappointed in having to vote again, Oren realizes that Olaf voted for potato, so Oren says that if Olaf changes his vote, it will break the tie. So they ask Olaf what he wants. After repeatedly voting for potato, Olaf eventually decides on a bike. When Ms. O arrives and sees the party, she thanks them, both for the party and for O’Malley giving her the chance to fight all of those odd creatures. But one thing is missing... a potato.



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