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9 Main Symbols

Full List of Department Symbols

All Odd Squad agents are in a department, and some are in more than one, such as O'Connor. The departments and their respective symbols are listed below.

The main department symbols.

Sometimes, these symbols are used for transitions. For example, if they go to the meeting room, it will show the red hexagon. When they use a gadget, it shows the beaker. These symbols are also seen on the agents’ lapels. The department is also reflected in the tubes where the color of the traveling capsule has the corresponding color.

The agents’ clothing also varies by department. The colors of the department determine the color shoes, belt (if any), and lapel pins the agents wear. Everyone wears gray socks. In addition:

  • Security agents wear zipper-shirts over the main t-shirt.
  • Maintenance agents wear a navy jacket and a yellow belt over the main t-shirt, except all male and female operators only have auburn hair.
  • Investigation agents wear a navy blazer over a white button-up shirt, grey suspenders, and a red necktie. Also in cold weather conditions they don a scarf, long black coat, and gray beanie.
  • Scientists wear a white lab coat over a white button-up shirt, black suspenders, and a green bow tie. Oscar has been known to wear a toga.
  • Medical agents wear black scrubs with blue highlights. Dr. O has a bright cyan lab coat over this and her badge is hanging from a chain in the center of her chest.
  • Olive and other Odd Squad Managers wear a dark blue shirt and a purple shirt below it.
  • The Big O and her decoy wear a white suit with silver epaulets and accents. Her assistants wear the same but without the badge or epaulets.
  • Mobile Unit agents wear a zipper-shirt over a white button-up shirt and an orange necktie.

The department's rank is determined by the number of sides on its symbol. For instance, Maintenance is the lowest ranking job, so it has the least number of sides. The decagon has ten sides because the Big Office is the most important Odd Squad office.