This page articulates what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for the Odd Squad Wiki.

In general: Don't be rude. Consider the needs and feelings of others.


  • Spamming (advertising for one's business, website, etc., or adding pointless or meaningless gibberish into pages) will not be tolerated.
    • Please do not post a large number of comments with barely any content, such as "XDDDDDD". They clog up the Wiki Activity and are a pain to go through.
    • Do not write posts or comments with more than four (4) of the same letters or punctuation marks (particularly ! and ?) in a row, such as "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw". While doing this is not strictly banned, it tends to be very annoying.
    • The wiki is not a chat. Please do not treat it as a chatroom. We have an actual chatroom here
  • NO uncensored profanity or obscenities WHATSOEVER. This is a site about a family-friendly show visited by people of many ages. Consequences, depending on seriousness and usage, include a three month to a permanent ban.
    • You may use asterisks (****) or other censors to suggest a swear word (for humorous purposes), but please do not leave any part of the word intact; otherwise, there would be no point in censoring it. For example, if "oddness" was a curse word, ******* would be okay, but o****** or oddn*ss would not.
  • User pages may ONLY be edited by their owner, except when reversing vandalism. This is common etiquette as well as breaking the rules. However, if a user tells you otherwise about their own page (i.e. "Sign my page if you want to join my friend list," or, "Don't revert vandalism on my page; I prefer to do it myself") you should follow their rules for their user page.
  • Warning Templates are only to be used by admins. Unrightful use will result in a week-long block.
  • This is not a fanfiction site. Character bios must be confirmed by a reliable source, or they will be deleted. Blogs are allowed to contain fanfiction.
  • Hacking other users' accounts will result in a permanent ban.
  • Bandodging, or the act of making a new account to avoid a ban already in place, is NOT allowed, and may result in a permanent ban.
  • Impersonation of actors or other people who have worked or are currently working on the show is not allowed. Those who are working or who have worked on Odd Squad are more than welcome on the Wiki, but please provide reliable, accurate proof that you are the real deal. If an account or person is found to be impersonating an actor or crew member, it may result in a one-week to permanent ban.
  • Not having read these policies is not an excuse for breaking the rules.


  • Do not upload images from unaired episodes to the wiki. Upload it to Imgur or another image hosting site and link it here.
  • These restrictions are required until after the episode's original airdate on PBS or, if you want to be safe, after the episode is posted online on the PBS website.
  • Please note that much of the userbase on this site is American, and we tend to get new episodes later than Canadians or Australians. What may have aired in your country may not have aired in another, so don't hesitate to ask someone if you're not sure.
  • Important pages, such as those pertaining to finales, will be locked for 7 days. This is to prevent vandalism and prematurely-made edits in order to give everyone a chance to watch episodes in a timely fashion. Only administrators will be allowed to edit these pages during this time. Users may freely edit these pages when the lock is lifted, in accordance with the rest of the Code of Conduct.


  • Upload as many pictures as you want, but always add categories (such as "Images of Odd Todd") to the file itself.
  • Do not upload large amounts of non-Odd Squad related images. It's spam.
    • Do not upload others' fanart or personal photos without their permission.
    • If an image contains spoilers, do not upload it directly to the wiki.
    • Sexually explicit content or pictures will get you an immediate permanent ban.
  • Invite friends to help!
  • Using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation is not always required in comments, but it is ALWAYS required in pages/articles. Please make sure grammar, spelling and punctuation is correct before confirming edits to an article or page, as it makes them easier to read for everyone.
  • It helps if you edit after watching a particular episode, because it's fresh in your mind.
  • Do not insert ANY false information into articles. Exceptions can be made if the user in question did not know the information was false at the time, or if the information is outdated.
    • Information about upcoming episodes must be confirmed by a reliable source. Do not create pages for episodes or characters that have not been confirmed by reliable sources, or add such information into pages.
  • Vandalism - removing information, adding false information, or adding rude or derogatory information - can get you anywhere from a three month to a permanent ban.
  • Fill out pages to completion or near-completion. Do not leave any pages blank; i.e. with an infobox and no other text. Doing so may earn you a warning or a 1 to 2-week ban. If you are unable to make a page and fill it out, either enlist friends to help, or avoid creating the page.
  • When adding images, please make sure they are of the highest quality available and free of watermarks (such as station bugs or YouTube player bars) when possible. In addition, files should have descriptive names. This is NOT a required rule, but it is recommended to keep the Wiki fresh and clean. If you are encountering trouble with an image, please contact the current active admin for assistance.


  • Pairings or ships are a fan's personal opinion, and they are free to ship whatever they like. If you don't like a particular pairing, you have no right to flame other users for liking it.
  • Likewise, fans are free to like whatever they want, including shows, books, games, and general interests. Bashing someone's interest(s) will not be tolerated.
  • Insulting, harassing or threatening another user (especially regarding one's race, age, gender, nationality, religion, physical/mental ability, or orientation) will get you banned for three months up to a permanent ban.
  • Article comments and blogs are for constructive dialogue, not back-and-forth bickering.

Consequences for inappropriate behavior can include a warning, temporary ban, or permanent ban depending on severity and type of behavior. Please note that administrators reserve the rights to undo any edits not in good faith and to edit inappropriate comments.

These rules are necessary to protect everyone and to make sure this wiki is kept in a friendly, sociable environment. If you would like to discuss these policies, please leave a message on the talk page, or contact an admin. The most active admin currently is Peachstar Kratt.

Happy editing!

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