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Odds and Ends
Season 2, Episode 35
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 21, 2019
Written byTim McKeon
Directed byJ.J. Johnson
Song(s)Say You Did Wrong
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"Who Is Agent Otis?""Odd Beginnings: Part 1"

Odds and Ends is the 35th and final episode of Season 2 of Odd Squad. It is the second part of the previous episode, "Who Is Agent Otis?".


The agents face an unlikely villain and must work together to save the world.

Olympia's Random Slide

This is...the end of our story.

Learning Goal

  • Numbers and Operations: adding different numbers to get to the same sum


The episode opens with the agents of Precinct 13579 crowded in the bullpen, with Xavier, Xena, and The Big O in the center. Xena announces that now that Oprah is gone, a new director will be chosen. The Big O says he’ll pick the person who gave him a ‘really cool toy’, and announces the new Mr. O is Agent Ohlm. With that, he uses the Mr. O-inator on him, while everyone asks why Ohlm, out of all agents, is their new leader.

Orchid exclaims that Ohlm was her partner, and asks who will replace him. Xena tells her that she will partner with Olympia, and Xavier adds that “she’s the reason Otis and Ms. O got kicked off,” and it was her fault the whole ordeal happened. Orchid agrees with them, asking how anyone could forget, and the Big O departs for a playdate. The X’s leave after him, claiming “they fixed everything.”

Ohlm tells everyone not to worry, because he has a bunch of great ideas, such as making Odd Squad is kids-only. When Oona remarks that kids already do work there, Ohlm runs off, and Ocean goes after him. Orchid puts on a life jacket, telling Olympia she doesn’t want to get thrown overboard like Otis did. While the former leaves, Owen asks the latter if a lone box was all of Otis’ stuff. After Olympia confirms, Owen tells a nearby security agent that they’ll take Otis and Oprah’s stuff to “Todd’s place”. Olympia says to herself, “like Odd Todd’s place? Why would Ms. O and Otis be going there?”

The scene switches to Odd Todd, Oprah, and Otis going down stairs, and Todd introducing Todd’s Home for Villains (trademark) to them. He then explains that it’s a place where villains come when they don’t want to be villains anymore. He shows Oprah and Otis pictures of clients who went to his place - while they used to cause oddness, they now all sell garage door openers, because he “has an in with a garage door opener company.”

A garage opens to reveal a calm area, where former villains are enjoying hobbies. Otis tries to tell Todd that they had to come there, or their precinct would shut down, and Oprah adds that the two aren’t villains. Todd informs the group what the former said, and all them laugh. Oprah and Otis take seats, while Todd and the villains perform “Say You Did Wrong”, a song dedicated to admitting you were a villain once in order to not be one. After the song is over, Todd tells Otis and Oprah to sing a song too, which causes the latter to do her trademark growl.

Meanwhile, Ohlm is collecting gadgets from all the agents, and when Olympia asks why, the former says he wants to put stickers on them. After Olympia gives her gadgets to Ohlm, Oona suddenly appears right next to Olympia, and whispers that they need to talk. When the latter asks why, the former, still whispering, claims she knows how to fix everything, and tells the agent to meet her in the lab. As the two girls walk to the lab, Orchid throws Oona a lifejacket, saying she’ll need it.

At the lab, Oona reveals that the X’s made her file the paperwork from Otis’ trial because she was the last one to say she didn’t want it. She adds that the paperwork was actually a good thing, and shows Olympia that the first break-in was on March 3rd. Since Otis and Olympia started working at Odd Squad on March 4th, Otis couldn’t have helped villains break in on the 3rd, which proved him and Oprah innocent.

Meanwhile, Otis and Oprah participate in "Show and Yell" - "Show and Tell", but with yelling. Suddenly, Olympia and Oona arrive, which disrupts the peace, and causes the villains to get tense. The two agents then specify that they want to talk to Oprah and Otis. The latter two leave with the former agents, while Todd calms down the villains.

Out of the room, Olympia and Oona show Otis that he wasn't in headquarters on March 3rd, meaning neither he nor Oprah helped villains break in. Otis requests he talk to Olympia privately, and she accepts. The former partner pair apologize to each other for what happened at the court, and they both monologue other each other, ending with the same phrase: "-and the best part is, every day, I get to work with my best friend."


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  • This episode is the continuation of "Who Is Agent Otis?".
  • The title stems from the common phrase "odds and ends".
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Agent Otis. Agent Oona returns in the Squadcast and in her Gadget Guide series, while Olympia returns for the Season 2 premiere of OddTube.
  • Ohlm became a villain due to attempting to destroy Odd Squad.
  • Ohlm is the third agent in the series to become a villain after Odd Todd and President Obbs.
  • This is the first episode to reveal the yellow strings underneath the collar of an agent's uniform that activates water travel mode.
  • This marks the first episode to reveal an Odd Squad agent's parents.
  • This is the last time Agent Olympia does the voiceover for the opening themes.