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Orson is a baby agent who enjoys milk, teething, and playing with his rattle. He was promoted to Director in place of Oprah in the Season 2 finale. His dream is to become Captain Fun. He is one of the youngest employees of the precinct.


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  • "Hugh, Hugh!"
  • "Woosh!"



  • In "Zero Effect", he has hair on all sides of his head, but in the other Season One episodes, he has a mohawk. In Season 2 his hair is darker. This is because he is played by six different actors.
  • He is the youngest known agent to work at Odd Squad.
  • He is an excellent driver.
  • He has a banana split cannon.
  • His badge is shown to be a binky in "Undercover Olive", but he has also been depicted with a badge on his chest.
  • Throughout the show and in the movie, his character is always played by twins. This is referenced in "A Job Well Undone" when it is revealed that there are two Orsons.
  • He always wins the Agent of the Month award.
  • He is often spoiled by the other agents due to him being a baby.
  • He, along with Oprah and Orchid, are the only members of Odd Squad to appear in all the seasons.