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Oscar and the Oscarbots
Season 1, Episode 7a
Production Information
Air DateDecember 2, 2014
Written byTim McKeon
Directed byStefan Scaini
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"Party Of 5,4,3,2,1""Picture Day"

Oscar and the Oscarbots is the A-plot of the 7th episode of Odd Squad.


When five of Oscar’s Oscarbots (robots made in his own image) become lost in town, Olive and Otto must help him find them.

Olive's Random Slide

This...is my toothbrush.

Learning Goal

  • Numbers & Counting: reading, writing and representing numbers


Olive and Otto are on a case where a woman’s bathroom opens into a desert. Olive takes the tubes into the desert, and uses a gadget to destroy the portal, leaving a bathroom. When Otto goes to leave, the woman’s door is opening into a black hole, which Otto says they can’t fix.

Back at headquarters, Otto notices that tube operator O’Scarlett has a donut, and when O’Scarlett tells them about the donut room, Otto and Olive immediately go there. Oscar arrives, right before Otto can get a donut, and drags them away. He waits until everyone leaves headquarters, and explains that Ms. O asked him to build a top secret machine. Since it was top secret, he couldn’t ask any other humans for help, so he made 25 clone-like Oscarbots, who he calls out.

He explains that each Oscarbot has a special job- number One does the first part, number Two does the second, and so on. The machine did work, and they went to the movies to celebrate. However, when he got back, some of them were missing! If Ms. O’s machine doesn’t work, Ms. O had said, she would never forgive him. Oscar is worried that he’ll be kicked off the Squad, and asks them for help in finding the Oscarbots. Olive lines up the Oscarbots under their numbers, so that she can know which ones are missing. They find that the missing Oscarbots are 4, 8, 10, 24, and 25.

Ms. O calls from martial arts practice and tells Oscar that she’s coming back soon. Oscar panics, but Olive has an idea. All the Oscarbots love their numbers, so they should look for places that have 4, 8, 10, 24, or 25 of something. They head to Polly Graph’s hot chocolate stand, where she has a sale- a cup for a quarter, or 25 cents. They catch 25, and then see Oscarbot 10, in a plane, making the number 10 in smoke.

They next go to the Club 24 downtown, where they catch 24. But when they return to headquarters, Oscar receives another call from Ms. O, who is about to come back to headquarters, although a bear outside of the dojo has delayed her for thirty seconds. Oscar says that he hopes 4 and 8 will be happy together, and explains that they’re best friends, and do everything together. Otto notes that this means they’ll be at a 12 place- such as 12 donuts. They go to the donut room and find 4 and 8.

When they return, Ms. O arrives, and Oscar activates the machine. The machine creates a juice box- the perfect juice box. Otto is angry that they went to all that work for juice, but is immediately distracted when Olive takes him to the cake room.


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