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Oscar the Couch
Oscar The Couch title card.png
Season 1, Episode 30b
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 4, 2016
Written byAmy Benham
Tim McKeon
Directed byKim Derko
Stephen Reynolds
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"The Curious Case of Pirate-itis""No Ifs, Ands, or Robots"

Oscar the Couch is the B-plot of the 30th episode of Odd Squad.


When Agent Oscar accidentally turns himself into a couch, Olive and Otto try to turn him back before Ms. O finds out.

Learning Goal

Numbers and Operations: solving addition and subtraction word problems.


Olive and Otto are on a case where Delivery Debbie is trying to deliver a pizza and every time she goes inside, she comes back with the same pizza. This has been happening for over an hour and the pizza is now cold. Otto and Olive ask Debbie what kind of pizza she has. Debbie says she has a Hawaiian pizza. Olive and Otto tell her that she is in a no Hawaiian pizza zone. The only problem is that she doesn't know that because there are no signs. Otto has a classic cheese-inator and zaps it on the pizza and Debbie tries it again. Debbie comes back but this time she is not holding a pizza anymore. She says she delivered it and then she came out the side door, so it worked. Debbie thanks Olive and Otto for their job.

Back in the lab, Oscar is introducing Olive and Otto new gadgets which are the Snow Go Awayinator and a Make Snow Disappearinator and then picks up a gadget and he accidentally zaps himself with it. Oscar tells Olive and Otto that they have to listen to everything he is about to tell them. He zapped himself with a Couchinator and he's slowly turning into a coach. He shows everyone that his legs are now a cushion. He tells them the good news. There is a couch Uncouchinator, but unfortunately, it's locked inside the briefcase. Olive says it makes more sense to lock up the gadget that turns him into a couch instead of the gadget that restores him. Oscar agrees with Olive but he doesn't have time to explain about that because his fingers are now couch legs. Oscar also tells Otto and Olive that he forgot he code to unlock the briefcase. All he knows is that the three numbers add up to 50. He also explains that he knew he was going to forget the code, so he hypnotized three people and told each one one of the numbers. Oscar also says that Dr. O, Orchid, and Obfusco know the numbers. They must clap their hands twice, say "couch alert", and they'll give out the info. Oscar also warns them not to let anyone know that he is turning into a couch and is about to explain why when he actually turns into a couch. Otto says he didn't expect today to be like this. Olive tells Otto to guard the couch while she finds the numbers. Otto asks what she means by "guard the couch". He says it's a couch and asks her where would the couch go, but when he turns around, he finds out that the couch has disappeared.

Olive shows up in Dr. O's office and interrupts her. Dr. O tells Olive that she is in the middle of playing doctor, although she is not actually playing doctor because she is an actual doctor. Olive tells Dr. O about the situation and almost reveals to her that Oscar turned into a couch and asks her to give the number he gave her to open his briefcase. Dr. O explains she doesn't know what she is talking about. Olive claps her hands and says "couch alert". Dr. O gives out the word problem: "If I have 45 sick patients and I cure eight, how many do I have left?". Olive asks why Oscar hid the number into a word problem. Dr. O says that the Uncouchinator is a very powerful gadget and Oscar believes that if it fell into the wrong hands. Olive stops her and asks if she can use her computer. Dr. O permits her to use it. She goes over the steps. If Dr. O had 45 patients and cured 8, how many would she have left. The answer is 37. She turns off the couch alert and leaves. Dr. O goes back to her job.

Otto finds the couch, but Owen is relaxing on it and now the couch is messy. Owen thinks someone threw it out. Otto says that they left it in the lab and tells Owen to give it back. Owen thinks that only the agents get a couch, not the security people. Otto asks Owen if he is seeing a hole. Owen says it's a stain he managed to get rid of. Otto says that if Owen gives him the couch, then he will clean his monitors for 2 weeks. Owen accepts the deal and gives it back to Otto. Otto thanks him and says he doesn't know how important this couch is. Owen warns Otto about the gum. Otto finds out about the gum that is stuck on the couch.

Otto brings the couch back to the lab and Olive types in the first number of the code, 37. Olive asks what happened to Oscar. Otto says Owen happened. Olive tells Otto that she got one out of the three numbers, and there are two more numbers to open the briefcase. Otto decides to get the numbers this time and tells Olive to guard the couch while he is gone. Otto warns Olive it's going to be way harder. Olive asks what he means by "way harder". She then finds out that the couch disappeared again.

Otto finds Orchid and he claps his hands and says "couch alert". Orchid gives out the word problem: "If I have 16 Centigurps and I give five to one Sherman and three to another Sherman, how many do I have left?" Otto goes over the steps and finds out that Orchid started off with 16 Centigurps and gave five away, which leaves her with 11 Centigurps and then she gave another three away. This leaves her with 8. Otto disables the couch alert. Orchid comes back. Otto thanks Orchid for her help. Orchid apologizes for taking Otto's socks and glasses without his permission and leaves.

Olive finds the couch, but Oksana is adding some bling to the couch to represent her. Olive says she needs the couch. Oksana thinks that agents deserve a couch more than the cafeteria workers. Olive says she is not talking about that. She admits that every department is important and they're all part of one big family working together. She finds out that Oksana pulled out the hideaway bed because her story is making her sleepy. Olive asks how she is going to get the couch back. Oksana tells her to wash today's dishes.

Otto asks Olive what happened to Oscar. Olive says Oksana happened. Otto says he has Orchid's number and types in the second number, 8. Now they need to find Obfusco's number. Olive and Otto decide to go together and bring the couch because people will take anything in headquarters that is unattended. Owen finds a free briefcase which holds the Uncouchinator. Olive tells Otto to take the briefcase with them. Otto takes it from Owen. Olive and Otto are carrying the couch and struggling to get to Obfusco's office.

Olive and Otto are going through the tube lobby as a shortcut to get to Obfusco's office. O'Callaghan informs them that Obfusco is gone to his vacation house on the moon. Otto is doubtful on how to get the number to open the briefcase now. Just then, Ms. O enters the tube lobby and asks the agents if they brought a couch inside headquarters. She declares that the couch won't belong to anyone and she decides to throw it out. Olive explains that the couch actually belongs in the lab. Owen asks if the couch actually belongs to the scientists. Oksana says that she makes food, that is science. Owen says that the coach belongs in security. Oksana says that she makes food, that is security. O'Callaghan says that the couch should belong to the tube operators. Oksana says that she makes food, that is tube operating. Otto asks why Oscar didn't tell the number. Olive tells Otto that Oscar said all the numbers add up to 50. This means that if the first two numbers are added, then the answer will be the last number. The first two numbers are 37 and 8. 37 + 8 = 45. Now they need to figure out how many numbers are in-between 45 and 50. They count five numbers and the third number is 5. They enter 5 in as the third number and the briefcase unlocks. They take out the Uncouchinator. Ms. O makes a decision to split the couch into four pieces. Otto tells everyone to wait. He and Olive use the Uncouchinator and zap the couch with the Uncouchinator and Oscar is restored. Everyone else is shocked to see that the couch was actually Oscar. Oscar admits to everyone that he turned himself into a couch. He surrenders to Ms. O by saying he deserves any punishment she thinks is right. Ms. O tells Oscar that he has been punished enough because he is already very messy. Oksana asks if they're still splitting him into four pieces though.


  • The episode title is a spoof on the character 'Oscar the Grouch' from Sesame Street.
  • Although this episode's A-plot was featured in Odd Squad: Against the Odds, this episode did not air alongside it, making this the first episode to air on a separate day than its A-plot episode.
  • Oscar hypnotized Dr. O, Orchid, and Obfusco in case someone gets turned into a couch.
  • In Russia, the episode is mistakenly referred to as "Oscar the Car".