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Other Olympia
Season 2, Episode 31a
Production Information
Air DateJune 25, 2018
Written byUnknown
Directed byUnknown
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Other Olympia is the A-Plot of the episode 31st episode of Odd Squad, Season 2.


Olympia is not happy when an agent with the same name shows up.

Olympia's Random Slide

This...can't be taught new tricks.

Learning Goal

  • Measurement: Using a thermometer & comparing temperatures


Otis and Olympia are on a case; a lady named Sharon says her husband took the dog out and then shows them the dog, which has turned giant. Otis zaps the dog with a gadget and the dog returns to its normal size.

Back at headquarters, Olympia is talking to Otis about how she loves Tuesdays. Otis tells her that it's Thursday. Suddenly, two agents arrive in the bullpen and agents gather to see them. It's Olympia (Saara Chaudry) and Ozric. One of the agents asks the two where they've been and they tell them that they were on a year-long case tracking down a villain named The Sandman. Olympia and Otis come to introduce themselves to the two. The other Olympia realizes that her and Olympia have the same name; she decides to call her "Other Olympia". After the two leave, Otis thinks Olympia can't handle the situation, but Olympia is convinced that she can handle it.

At Ms. O's Office, Ms. O explains to Olympia and Otis that the other Olympia was here first, meaning Olympia (Anna Cathcart) has to be named "Other Olympia". She also tells Olympia that if she doesn't like it, they can have a Name-Off, but Olympia refuses to do so. Aside from that, Ms. O shows the two a man with an odd problem, Hot Hands Harry (his hands have a high-temperature). Olympia heads off to get the Un-Hot-Hand-inator in The Lab.

At the Lab, Olympia asks Agent Oona for the gadget, but Oona can't give it to her until she returns the Cotton-Candy-inator. Olympia says she didn't take the Cotton-Candy-inator. She realizes that it was the other Olympia who took out the gadget.

Meanwhile, Olympia asks the other Olympia for the Cotton-Candy-inator gadget. However, the other Olympia doesn't have it, remarking that she left in a closet that was hot. Using her watch, Olympia discovers what closet the Cotton-Candy-inator is in.

Back in The Warehouse, Hot Hands Harry is making Otis toast with his hands. Olympia finally gets the Un-Hot-Hand-inator and tries her best to get to the warehouse where Harry and Otis is. Olympia becomes upset as she discovers that her elevator card is not working. Owen explains to Olympia that agents are only allowed to have one elevator card so he cut her one out. Olympia is puzzled until she realizes that it was the other Olympia and leaves.

Back in the bullpen, Olympia asks the other Olympia for her elevator card, but she tells her that she doesn't have it and she left in a cold room. Using her watch, Olympia discovers what room the elevator card is in.

After retrieving the card, Olympia is off to the Warehouse until she stumbles upon a cafeteria worker and some agents enjoying some cake. They're having a retirement party for Agent Orevoir. Olympia asks for a piece. The cafeteria worker asks what her name is. Hearing Olympia's name, he tells her that he can't give her a piece because he can only give one piece per person. Olympia is confused for a moment and then scoffs, realizing who else could've taken a piece of cake with her name. Olympia spots the other Olympia eating cake and walks up to her.

Olympia tells the other Olympia that the situation regarding them having the same names "isn't working" and that she can't work in the same place with someone else who shares her name. Hearing that, the other Olympia tells Olympia it was nice working with her. Olympia thinks that the other Olympia is leaving. The other Olympia was referring to Olympia leaving. Olympia does not want to go anywhere and begins wrenching her tie off; the other Olympia does the same, and the two agents throw their ties to the ground, starting a Name-Off.

The first challenge in the Name-Off is an Animal-Clap Showdown. The Olympias begin Animal-Clapping. Olympia loses for repeating "whale". The second challenge is the No Talking Challenge; Olympia quickly loses that one. The next challenge is finding a needle in a haystack. Olympia wins. Next, they need to find a haystack in a needle. The other Olympia finds it.

Later, the score is tied and there is only one challenge left: find out the temperature of the water in their buckets without a thermometer. The two Olympias are stuck on the problem. Olympia has an idea; she calls in Hot Hands Harry and tells him to put his hand in her bucket. The water begins to boil and Olympia tells Coach that the water in 100 degrees. Olympia wins the Name-Off. The other Olympia congratulates her. Coach O tells the other Olympia that her name is now Odal. Odal is completely fine with that and leaves.

Suddenly, Ms. O comes introducing Olympia and Otis to her newest recruit, Agent Otis. Otis is angry and throws his tie to the ground starting another Name-Off.


  • This is the first time that the Olympia from Season 1 and the Olympia from Season 2 are both simultaneously acknowledged as having the same name.
  • This is the second appearance of the Olympia from Season 1 after "Assistant's Creed", where she used to work as an assistant of Ms. O. However, she is still Ms. O's assistant in the training videos.
  • The episode is an enactment of the "One Steve Limit" which is a TV Trope stating that at least two characters in a story should not share the same name.
  • This is the second episode in a row where the plot ends with Olympia determining the temperature of some water, the previous episode being "Villains Always Win".
  • Au revoir is the french word for "goodbye", which is similar to the agent that was retiring, Agent Orevoir, hence his departure.