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Owen is a security agent who, supposedly, secretly tags along on all of Olive and Otto's cases. His fellow security partner is Agent Ohio, as of Season 2.


Owen usually is very unhelpful, only doing things when he absolutely has to. He goes on break whenever asked to do something, and sometimes goes on break for the entire day, according to "Odds and Ends".


"Wish I could, but-"

"I'm not perfect, but I'm close."

"It's Go Owen time!"

"Going on break!"

"I don't make friends with numbers. I only calculate them."


Season 1

Season 2


  • Ms. O was initially thinking of partnering Otto and Owen, as revealed in "Switch Your Partner Round and Round".
  • His favorite food is apples.
  • One of Owen's hobbies is "spinning the baton thingy".
  • His tie size is 11.
  • He has a lot of experience with creatures, but is unable to work in the Creature Room for at least 98 years.
  • He loves cooking and believes cheese courses are underappreciated.
  • He keeps the Game Room all to himself, because the only way to reach it is through Owen’s Hallway.
  • Owen is one of the few agents (along with Orchid, Dr. O, and Ms. O) to be a major character in Season 1 and 2.
  • In later Season 2, Owen's interview was redone, removing clips featuring Olive and Otto. In addition, there was a scene added where Owen shows off his hiding skills and the camera girl tries to find him.


Meet Agent Owen


Christian Distefano role of Agent Owen from Odd Squad-1