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Season 3, Episode 3a
Production Information
Air DateFebruary 18, 2020
Written byJohanna Stein
Directed byStefan Scaini
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Portalandia is the A-Plot of episode 3 of Season 3 of Odd Squad.


When Orla rushes through constructing a portal without reading the instructions, Omar, Oswald, and Opal end up stuck in the 17th dimension.

Learning Goals

  • Shapes
  • Following directions
  • Teamwork
  • Tessellation


The episode opens with the OSMU agents celebrating their first case solved. They receive a call from the Big O telling them to go to Tokyo, Japan. Once there, they find that the odd problem is a plant.

Orla is unamused by a plant being the odd problem. Oswald then explains that it’s from the 17th dimension, and the results could be catastrophic if they don’t return it.

Orla goes to train for any potential combat, while Omar, Oswald, and Opal set up the dimensional portal. The trio try to figure out how to make a rectangle with some squares. Once they figure it out, Omar goes to tie the rope around a pole. Orla comes back and turns on the portal haphazardly, sucking in Opal and Oswald.

Once Omar comes back, he realizes that Opal and Oswald are gone, and asks Orla where they are. Directly after, they get a call from the two agents, telling Omar that the plant grew to drastic proportions, and that they need to get them out of there. Omar and Orla go to the Portal Master Store. In the box they buy, they find that instead of squares, there are triangles. Omar explains that you can make squares out of triangles, and you can make a rectangle out of squares.

Orla turns on the portal again, sucking in Omar. Omar calls her from the 17th dimension, and finds that there are giant butterflies. He remarks that they’re nice, and Oswald says he has a lot to learn as the butterflies shoot lasers out of their eyes.

Orla returns to the Portal Master store, and finds that in the box are little triangles and Octagons. She imagines another Orla and talks it out with her.

Back in the 17th dimension, the butterflies, some opera sharks, and the plant from earlier are attacking Omar, Oswald, and Opal. Orla comes down the portal and saves the other three. Orla promises she will always think before she does anything, but Opal cuts her off by pointing out that the plant followed them. Orla asks for permission to react without thinking, and the trio screams “YES!”. The episode ends with Orla jumping at the plant.

Opal's Random Slide

This is us wearing mustaches.


  • Starting with this episode onwards, Agent Oona (from the previous season) returns from Season 2 for the "Gadget Guide" sequences, as a special guest.
  • This episode takes place in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.
  • Portalandia is a reference from a show.
  • Starting with this episode, Agent Opal does the voiceover for the opening theme.