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Season 2 Headquarters (back photo, currently); Unfortunately no people at all.

Season 2 Headquarters. Appears in First Day, pictured on top. Includes people. Very, brand new!!

Precinct 13579 is the Odd Squad headquarters located in Toronto, Ontario where Season 1 and 2 of Odd Squad take place. The official name was confirmed by Instructor O in "First Day".

The precinct used to be contacted at 1 (877) 763-2435, but the number is now out of service. 


Season 1


Season 2

In the Season 1 finale "O is Not For Over", after the squad takes down Odd Todd, they discover that Otto opened every door in the hallways of the precinct which let out fierce oddness around headquarters. The agents get everything back to normal, but their was destruction to the headquaters during the showdown.

In the next episode "First Day", Ms. O decides to redesign the HQ along with adding new rooms such as The Creature Room and Coach O's Office.

The Headquarters was formerly run by Oprah. As of the Season 2 finale "Odds and Ends", it is run by Agent Orson.


Some of the people who work at Odd Squad Precinct 13579 are:

  • Agent Todd (Formerly)

Tube Operators:


Odd Squad consists of a secret underground headquarters filled with many rooms, offices, and warehouses. They get out into the outside world by their tube system.


  • The Breakroom
  • The Pool Room
  • Ms. O's Office
  • Medical Bay
  • The Lab
  • The North Control Room
  • The Ballroom
  • The Awards Room
  • The Tube Lobby
  • The Princess Room
  • The Volcano Room
  • The Donut Room
  • The Potato Door
  • The Cake Room
  • The Cookie Room
  • Obfusco's Office
  • The Clock Room (Presumably)
  • The Storage Room
  • The Plush Animals Room
  • The Toy Dinosaurs Room
  • The Garden Room
  • The Sherlock Room
  • The Janitor Room
  • The Creature Room
  • The Warehouse
  • The Dinosaur Room
  • The Blob Containment Facility
  • The Pots and Pans Room
  • The Odd Squad Fountain
  • Agent Lockers
  • Math Room (Carol, Season 1 Only).
  • Rock Wall and Slide
  • Ground Level Agent Offices
  • The Banana Room
  • The Bathroom (key required)
  • The Lunch room
  • The Soundcheck Room
  • The Kitchen
  • The Training Room
  • The Candy Room
  • The Cloud Room
  • Basketball Room
  • Odd Squad Pool
  • Odd Squad Gym
  • The Calendar Room (Pencil Room)
  • The Gold Room (Presumably)
  • The Games Room
  • The Train Room (Presumably)
  • The Task Force Room
  • The Green House Room
  • Ogg's Room
  • Coach O's office
  • Painting Room
  • Arts and Crafts room
  • Jazz Room
  • Chalkboard Room
  • Owen’s Hallway
  • The Video Game Room
  • The Green House (house painted green)
  • The Green House (plants)


Several codes exist in case of certain events. Each code is a color. The known list is as follows:

Code Ruby: Emergency on hand.

Code Purple: The O Games are starting.

Code Topaz: Evacuate Headquarters.

Code Crimson: Unauthorized Person in Headquarters.