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Puppet Show
Season 1, Episode 20a
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 21, 2015
Written byCharles Johnston
Directed byWarren P. Sonoda
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Puppet Show is the A-plot of the 20th episode of Odd Squad.


Olive and Otto have to crack a case in which a group of people have been turned into puppets, including themselves!

Olive's Random Slide

This...is what came first.

Learning Goal

  • Measurement: telling time & ordering events


This episode opens where Ms. O tells the Puppet Master that she is responsible for turning six people into puppets. This included two of her agents. Otto complains that he can't work with how his arms are. Ms. O demands that her agents go back to normal. She asks her to explain how to work her gadget which is similar to a dog bone. The Puppet Master denies it but everyone says it does. The Puppet Master refuses to help them. Ms. O goes with the hard way, which is that in three seconds, she will close her eyes and maybe the two agents will decide to pay her a visit on the other side of the table. She will only say that she will wish her eyes were closed too. She starts counting, but the Puppet Master stops her and decides to help them. The current puppets be turned back with the gadget. All six puppets need to be in the same room at the same time, lined up in the order they were zapped, starting from earliest in the day to the latest and this has to be done by sundown or they will be puppets forever. Ms. O tell the agents to go to town while she is in the office working the phones. Otto points out that she can find out if anyone's seen any puppets around. Ms. O says that she was going to make some calls about getting a pet, but she can find about the puppets too, but she doesn't have time to do it. Olive shows Otto a timeline in a tablet so they can place everyone in the order they were zapped by the Puppet Master. Olive and Otto were zapped at 12:00 PM and Olive explains what every part of the time indicated. After that they go to town to find some puppets. They find O'Neil and order him to send them through the tubes. O'Neil makes fun of Olive and Otto because they're puppets by laughing at them and the agents order him to squishinate them. He squishinates them. Olive is enjoying the tube ride, but not Otto.

They meet a construction worker, Jimmy, who is also a puppet. Olive and Otto ask what time he turned into a puppet. He says he doesn't remember. He mentions he was eating breakfast and about to start work. They ask what time he starts work. Jimmy says he starts work at 9:00 AM. This means Jimmy was zapped in the morning before Olive and Otto were. Jimmy leaves work for the time being. Olive calls Ms. O and tells her that they found another puppet. She accepts it and tells them to continue. Oscar has some pet ideas for Ms. O. Snake, bear, and lion are ideas for Ms. O, but she doesn't approve any of them.

They meet a crossing guard who is also a puppet. They ask her what time she was zapped. She was zapped at 7:00 AM, right before work. This means the crossing guard was zapped before Jimmy. The puppets have to stick together if they want to get turned back. Back in Headquarters, Oscar has brought an invisible hamster, which Ms. O also rejects. Ms. O gives clues to what pet she wants: it has fur, four legs, a tail, and says "Woof, Woof.". This indicates she wants a dog.

They meet an ice cream lady who is also a puppet. They ask her what time she was turned into a puppet. She turned into a puppet at 10:00 AM. This means she was turned into a puppet after the crossing guard and the construction worker, but before the agents. This leaves with one more puppet to find. They go but they are stopped by some kids, who ask them to put on a puppet show. The puppets try to convince them that they're not real puppets but the kids think that they're real puppets and they won't let the puppets pass unless they do a puppet show, so they just do a puppet show. The kids applaud for them and let them go. Now they have to find one more puppet and time is running out. A taxi driver finds out that they are looking for one last puppet, and offers them a lift. But the agents realize the taxi driver himself is a puppet, and he looks at himself in the mirror and starts screaming. Everyone gets in the taxi by the window.

The puppets are all back at the lab, and Oscar states that the taxi driver was zapped at 1:00, which means everyone is lined-up correctly. Oscar blasts the gadget at the puppets. However, the puppets are still puppets. Oscar is confused because the puppets are lined up in the correct order. Olive remembers that the taxi driver was zapped at 1:00, which puts him in the beginning of the line. Otto asks what he was doing then. The taxi driver says he was eating his lunch, which would be in the afternoon. This means he meant 1:00 PM, instead of 1:00 AM. There are two 1:00's in the number line, 1 AM and 1 PM. Since he got zapped at 1:00 PM, he wasn't the first person to be zapped, but he was the last person. The taxi driver goes at the end of the line. Ms. O gives everyone the good news. She picked a pet, which is a dog. His name is Whoops. Whoops takes the dog bone gadget. The puppets follow the dog to get it back, through the hallways, tube lobby, and the finally catch him in the break room. During that time, the Puppet Master admits that her puppetinator gadget looks like a dog bone. However, Whoops still doesn't give up the dog bone. Otto says Whoops would need something else to chew on. Otto tells Olive to throw him, and Olive throws him but he misses Whoops. However, Ms. O gives Whoops a juice box, which he likes. Oscar zaps the gadget on the puppets once again, and the puppets turn back into humans and the humans celebrate. Oscar breaks the gadget in half with his pants to make sure no one turns into a puppet ever again. Olive and Otto high-five each other, but their hands become puppet hands. Otto says that this has to be fixed. Olive tells Oscar to get lots of glue and fix the gadget.


  • This is the only episode to feature muppets (marionette puppets).
  • This is the only time Ms. O's dog, Whoops, has appeared.