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Baby Genius is a baby who the agents call on to help them solve complex problems. Baby Genius himself can speak, but rarely does, so his Russian nanny Rivka interprets his baby talk and gestures for him. According to Rivka in the episode Jinx, Baby Genius is a villain because "Villains don't tattletale on other villains". This is in reference to the strict No Tattletale Code that all villains in the show follow.

It's often necessary for agents to bribe Rivka or Baby Genius to get information or things they need. Bribes to Rivka usually are with an aim to gain her cooperation to call upon Baby Genius's information; bribes to Baby Genius involve presenting him with gifts. The child can be picky however and doesn't always accept their offerings. Sometimes he can be swayed by uncommon methods such as jokes or intentional harm (such as falling down on purpose).

Baby Genius and Rivka always make sudden and unexpected entrances and exits. The pair always seem to appear and disappear without warning, though occasionally they announce their presence in advance with a distant laugh or by knocking something over. According to Rivka, this is because of the belief that agents like her and Baby Genius being dark and mysterious.

Special Power

Baby Genius has vast knowledge and his mind functions at adult level. A recurring comic shtick is how Rivka uses incredible stealth to confound agents by appearing and exiting behind them.

Rivka gains a pilot license in one afternoon while Olympia and Otis babysit for her. The pilot license covers, at the least, operating the baby stroller, which has a hidden rocket vehicle function.


  • In almost every episode, Rivka's name is spelled "Rivka" in the credits. But in the credits of The Perfect Score, her name is spelled as "Rivkah".
  • Baby Genius has peculiar interests. In one episode, he eschewed the gift of a stuffed unicorn plushie in favor of pocket lint.