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Robert Plant
Season 1, Episode 26a
Production Information
Air DateMay 27, 2015
Written byKevin Seccia
Stephen Senders
Directed byJ.J. Johnson
Craig David Wallace
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Robert Plant is the A-plot of the 26th episode of Odd Squad.


Olive and Otto must find a way to stop Obfusco's plant from taking over headquarters and, eventually, the world.

Olive's Random Slide

This...is a dream I had last night.

Learning Goal

Spatial sense: understanding that maps provide information about location, direction, and distance.


Olive and Otto are on a case where when a woman is walking, a garbage can is following her. They ask if she has an garbage on her. She has a candy wrapper. Otto tells the lady that she has to give it what it wants. She is walking and the garbage can is no longer following her. The woman thanks them. The agents leave.

Olive tells Otto that Obfusco is going on vacation and that is a big problem because he makes everyone do all his work while he's gone. Olive tells Otto to work on something so that he doesn't ask them for a favor. Obfusco tells the agents he is going on a vacation to see the world. He will be back tomorrow. He tells them to water his plant, Robert. It's a simple task. Otto says that they can do that. Obfusco gives them instructions to water the plant. They get so mad. They place one drop of water on a left leaf as told. They follow instructions but they get frustrated because they've been trying to water a plant for hours and Olive decides to dump the rest of the water on the plant and go home. She does it and the plant grows. She shows Otto that the plant is growing, but they realize that the plant is growing out of control and it will not stop growing. They realize that there is something in the book to stop it. They find a CD. They try to use the computer but it gets destroyed. They head to the tube lobby.

They go into the tube lobby and insert the CD to watch the video. The video is indeed Obfusco, who is guessing that the viewers who are watching the video watered Robert Plant wrong and he is growing out of control. He tells them that there is an easy way to stop it and compares it to how easy it was when he mud-wrestled a kangaroo. Olive asks Obfusco why he never says what he means. They fast forward the video. They play the video at a particular spot, but he is still not discussing how to stop the plant from growing. They continue to fast forward the video and then play it, but he is still talking off-topic, and they fast forward the video and they play it and eventually they find the point where Obfusco tells them to stop Robert from growing. He is telling them to go to his office and take the antidote and place one drop anywhere on Robert and then he'll go back to normal.

They take out the CD and head out to the main headquarters. However, it's harder than they thought because Robert is still growing out of control. Otto finds an unblocked path to go to Obfusco's office. Olive says she doesn't know how to get to Obfusco's office that way. She tells Otto to go back to the tube lobby and get a map of headquarters and then tell her how to get to Obfusco's office. Otto heads to the tube lobby. He finds a map of headquarters and calls Olive. He tells her to activate her homing beacon to know her location. He finds Robert, who is still growing everywhere. He finds out where Obfusco's office is and it's very far. Otto tells Olive to go down the hallway she's standing in, and turn left, which will take her to the Odd Squad warehouse. Olive complies with Otto. She arrives at that place. Otto then tells Olive to go a little bit forward and then turn left, and then right, and then another right and then a bit more. Olive finds it confusing and asks him to give her landmarks. She explains to him what landmarks are. Otto finds the Odd Squad fountain and their lockers and zooms in and asks Olive if she sees a painting of Ms. O. She says "yes". Otto tells her to go past the painting and turn right, which will take her to another hallway, closer to Obfusco's office. She reaches there, but she is blocked. Otto finds her another route. He tells her to turn around, go back to the Odd Squad warehouse, past Ms. O's painting which brings her to a door to the Blob Containment Facility, and he warns Olive that Robert will corner her unless she hurries up. Olive complies with Otto and runs down the hallways and avoids Robert, that is trying to block her. while trying to get to the Blob Containment Facility and she reaches the Blob Containment Facility. Otto tells Olive to go forward until she finds the sneezing chair. She finds it and Otto then tells her to turn right at the chair. He tells her that she will pass through a small park, which will lead her back to another hallway. She complies with that and gets there. Otto says that this is bad. Olive says she made it. Otto tells Olive that it is not bad where she is, it is bad where he is. Otto complains that Robert is entering the tube lobby and Robert is going to get in the tubes and take over the world and the world is going to be over. Olive says it's not going to happen and she asks Otto for more directions. Otto tells her to go straight and turn right at the Pots and Pans Room and she will find Obfusco's office in front of her. She complies with Otto and arrives there and grabs it and opens it and throws the antidote on Robert and everything goes back to normal.

Olive thanks Otto for getting her to Obfusco's office. They meet Obfusco, who thanks the agents for taking care of Robert. He rewards the agents to water Jimmy, John, and John Paul and he gives them a book of more instructions on how to water each of the plants properly. The agents get disgusted about this. Otto finds it impressive how he disappears that way. Obfusco comes back and thanks them. The agents scream again.


Olive: Otto, it's a plant! It's fine!

Olive: Nobody puts Olive in a corner.


  • During the episode, Olive says "Nobody puts Olive in a corner." This is a parody of a line spoken by the character "Baby" in the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing.
  • The episode's title shares the same name as the lead vocalist of 1968 English rock band, Led Zeppelin.
    • Obfusco's other plants -- Jimmy, John, and John Paul -- are likewise named after the other members of the band.