Save the Day

Save the Day is a song that is first played in "Odd Squad: The Movie", while Olive, Otto, Otis, and Olympia go to space in the Ice Cream Truck.





Just when you think it's too late to save the day!

Then comes the power of sound to pave the way

So keep the volume up loud and break away!

Because it's never too late to save the day

I'm, just in time..

I believe in bet-ter late than nev-er

Now, this is how

The e-le-venth hou-r gives me pow-er

We could've come here sooner, maybe

Whoa-oh-oh, that might not have hurt

But then you would have no story, baby

Whoa-oh-oh, spoiler al-ert


Now would be an excellent time to save the daaay...


That was the story of how they saved the day!

Four agents followed their hearts to outer-space

They borrowed somebody's truck and flew away!

And we're okay with it 'cause, they saved the day

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