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Show Me the Money
Season 2, Episode 4b
Production Information
Air DateJune 27, 2016
Written byUnknown
Directed byUnknown
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Show Me The Money is the B-plot of the 4th episode of the second season of Odd Squad.


When an unlucky coin is accidentally released into the public, Olympia and Otis must retrieve it before the world ends.

Learning Goal

  • Measurement: Identifying the value of coins


Delivery Debbie delivers a pizza to Otis and Olympia at Headquarters, then offers them gum after, which Otis tells Olympia and Debbie he despises. They end up just ordering the pizza, and the total cost comes to $10.05. Otis doesn't have the extra five cents, but Debbie reassures him that it's fine. However, Otis is convinced that he must give Debbie her five cents and grabs a nickel he finds in a special tray in the lab. Debbie leaves, and Oona informs Otis and Olympia that the reason the coin was left out was because it brings unluckiness wherever it goes. Oona also shows them that if a person with a coin looks in a mirror, the mirror will instantly break by giving Olympia the coin and then a mirror. Oona then gives the agents a special container and tells them to go retrieve the coin.

They find Debbie on the street, dirty and pulling a rusty bike. Her pizza was stolen by a falcon, which is why she is also covered in falcon feathers, starting a continuous "but it's not even falcon season yet" gag. However, it is obvious that Debbie gave the coin to someone else because nothing unlucky is happening to her, and when she looks in to a mirror, it didn't break. Otis and Olympia realize that they must investigate every person that Debbie gave change to that day.

In order to make up for Debbie's unluckiness, Otis and Olympia perform a song at Debbie's request. Olympia decides that the song should go along with a montage of them searching for the coin. After the montage, the agents stumble upon a group of girl troopers, many of whom are severely injured. The troop leader informs them that she is practicing her gum chewing skills, and looks in to a mirror to see how well she is doing it. While Otis is disgusted by the gum, Olympia realizes that the mirror doesn't break, indicating that the coin is elsewhere. The troop leader informs the agents that another troop leader, Betsy, went to the bank with money that the troop collected from cookie sales, and they are concerned that the money will get mixed in with other money until it will be impossible to find. In order to find Betsy, the troop leader sends a trooper named Molly, who just earned her tracking badge, to find Betsy with a scent from one of her vests.

Molly leads the agents to find Betsy alone under a tree, again dirty like Debbie, and Olympia requests to see the inside of Betsy's purse. When Olympia can't find the coin, she asks Betsy if she bought anything on the way to the bank, which she did. She bought a pretzel from a vending machine, which, since Betsy used, is surrounded by dark clouds, rain, and small lightning bolts. Otis tries to open the vending machine, however he is unsuccessful, and Olympia suggests that he should buy something that would give him the five cent coin as change. However, Otis misinterprets this as Olympia suggesting that they should buy a healthy snack from the vending machine to give them energy. After realizing his mistake, he gathers 4 quarters and tries to buy a 70 cent granola bar in the hope that it gives him the unlucky coin in his change. However, he receives three dimes, and tries to buy something that costs 25 cents. Unfortunately for him, the only thing that costs a quarter is a pack of gum. He decides to give up, however, after some encouragement from Olympia, he finds the courage to buy the gum, which gives him the unlucky coin in return. The coin is placed in the container that Oona gave them. Otis tries the gum, and is now a big fan of it. The episode ends with Molly leading them back to Headquarters.


  • There's a running gag of one of the characters saying that "it's not even falcon season.".