Sound Check Part Deux
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Season 1, Episode 23a
Production Information
Air DateApril 1, 2015
Written byAndrew De Angelis
Alex Fox
Rachel Lewis
Directed byStefan Scaini
Craig David Wallace
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Soundcheck Part Deux is the A-plot of the 23rd episode of Odd Squad.


When some of the members of Soundcheck go missing, Otto and Olive must bring them back together in time for their big concert.

Olive's Random Slide a sock I lost.

Learning Goal

Data Collection and Analysis: using data to make predictions




  • The title is based on the movie "Hot Shots Part Deux", starring Charlie Sheen.
  • When Olive, Otto, and Danny T are in Otto's Soundcheck room, it has music in the room; it plays Take Away 4 and Up, Down, Left, Right.
  • This episode features the song "The Force of Gravity".



The Force of Gravity-0

The Force of Gravity-0