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Sound Check Part Deux
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Season 1, Episode 23a
Production Information
Air DateApril 1, 2015
Written byAndrew De Angelis
Alex Fox
Rachel Lewis
Directed byStefan Scaini
Craig David Wallace
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"Fistful of Fruit Juice""Jinx"

Soundcheck Part Deux is the A-plot of the 23rd episode of Odd Squad.


When some of the members of Soundcheck go missing, Otto and Olive must bring them back together in time for their big concert.

Olive's Random Slide

This...is a sock I lost.

Learning Goal

  • Data Collection & Analysis: using data to make predictions


Olive and Otto are on a case where every time a man thinks of something, everyone is able to see it. He explains that he is allowed to think whatever he wants to think. They use the Keep Your Thoughts To Yourself-inator to make sure when he thinks, no one else will be able to know. Although that is successful, whatever the man says now shows up on screen. However, he later accepts it.

Olive and Otto are back at headquarters where Ms. O shows them, Danny T., the lead singer of Soundcheck. Danny T. explains that the other members of Soundcheck are missing. This happened when they were filming for Soundcheck's new music video for their new hit, The Force of Gravity. However, things got messed up when there were real fans. The rest of the Soundcheck members flew out the window, all except Danny T. He was able to hang on because he recently got his nails done. Otto ensures it's okay because they'll be at the concert tonight. Danny T. explains that they don't know about the concert tonight. As he is the leader of the band, he doesn't want to stress the rest of the members out, so he only tells them they have a concert right before they hit the stage. Otto says he has an idea on how to find the rest of the members and he introduces Olive, Ms. O, and Danny T. to his Soundcheck room. Ms. O goes while they try to find the other Soundcheck members.

Otto, Olive, and Danny T. enter the Soundcheck room and Otto says he knows everything about Soundcheck. Where they go and what they like to do. Danny T. asks how this helps them. Otto says he can use the information he knows about the three missing guys to help him figure out where they're most likely to be. Olive tells Otto that he is talking about a prediction. Otto explains what a prediction is and says that Ringo's favorite thing to do when he is not singing or dancing is eating at restaurants. Danny T. decides to go to a restaurant, but Olive stops him and says there are lots of restaurants in town. Otto says he knows which one Ringo is most likely to be at. Otto shows them the picture graph he made, so he knows all the places where Ringo ate. Otto shows them that Ringo ate Mexican food, seafood, and Italian food. Given that Italian has the most stickers, this means Ringo ate there the most. This would indicate he's most likely to be at an Italian restaurant right now.

They go to an Italian restaurant and indeed Ringo was at an Italian restaurant, eating some spaghetti. Danny T. tells Ringo that there is a concert tonight. Ringo says he is so happy that he was found and he could sing. Ringo and Danny T. sing their song but Olive stops them and says that they need to find two more Soundcheck members.

The four go back inside the Soundcheck room and Otto explains that Tony D. loves to hang out with animals in his free time. There are plenty of animals in the world, so Olive ask which animal would he most likely be hanging out with. Danny T. and Ringo say giraffes. Otto says they need different guesses. Danny T. explains about the new song called Zoo-illogical on their new album. They suggest listening to the song and count how many times Tony D mentions each animal to know his favorite animal and the animal he is most likely to be with. They watch the music video of Zoo-illogical. After watching the video, they get results about which animal was mentioned the most. Hamster was mentioned five times. Fish was mentioned six times and dog was mentioned twenty times, which is the tallest bar. It would be likely that he is hanging around with a dog.

The four head to the dog park and they find Tony D. Danny T. and Ringo tells Tony D. that there is a concert tonight. Tony D. says he is so happy that he was found and he could sing. Danny T., Ringo, and Tony D. sing their song but Olive stops them and says that they still need to find Johnny J. Danny T. suggests going back to Otto's Soundcheck room. Otto says there is no time, but he has a travel version. Johnny J. likes to play sports so that's most likely what they'll find him doing. Otto also finds out that Johnny J. personally wrote a note to himself on the back which is "Work at things until you're good at them.". Based on the picture, Johnny J. has four swimming trophies, two basketball trophies, and six tennis trophies. Given that Johnny J won the most trophies in tennis, that's where he is.

They go to the tennis court, but they don't see him there. Otto reads Johnny J's personal note "Work at things until you're good at them.". Otto then realizes that Johnny J. got the least trophies in basketball. If Johnny J. wants to get good at basketball, then he has to practice basketball. They find Johnny J. at the basketball. Ringo and Tony D. inform Johnny J. about tonight's concert. Danny T. thanks Otto and Olive for helping his team and he is so happy he could... Olive says she knows, he could sing. Danny T. actually was thinking about inviting Otto and Olive to perform with them at their concert tonight. Otto is excited to be part of their concert, but Olive is hesitant to join it but she says that "if you can't beat them, join them." Now it's tonight's concert with Soundcheck as well as Otto and Olive. Olive gives the introduction to the song. Otto, Olive, and Soundcheck perform their song in the concert and then they say "Soundcheck" at the end.


  • The title is based on the movie "Hot Shots Part Deux", starring Charlie Sheen.
  • When Olive, Otto, and Danny T are in Otto's Soundcheck room, it has music in the room; it plays Take Away 4 and Up, Down, Left, Right.



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