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The Perfect Lunch
Season 1, Episode 16b
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 12, 2015
Written byCharles Johnston
Directed byDawn Wilkinson
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For the similarly-titled Season 2 episode, see The Perfect Score.

The Perfect Lunch is the B-plot of the 16th episode of Odd Squad.


With Obfusco's help, Olive, Otto, and Oscar help Ms. O host a lunch for some very important but easily offended guests, the Featherites.

Learning Goal

  • Data collection & analysis


Olive and Otto are on a case where whenever the Baker tries to use her milk, it tells her to stop touching it. She tries asking politely, but when that fails, Olive and Otto zap it and leave.

Back at headquarters, everyone has been sent home early because Ms. O has a meeting with the Featherites today. If everything isn’t perfect about their lunch, they will attack Odd Squad and cause chaos. The previous lunch was a flop, because they forgot a plate. So Olive, Otto, Oscar, and an expert on Featherites will prepare their lunch. The expert is revealed to be... Agent Obfusco.

Oscar reminds Obfusco of a basket-flavored kite from Guatelupe. Obfusco pulls a word problem out of his shoe, and while Obfusco’s sock sings opera music, the agents solve the problem to get a total number of 4 Featherites- so 4 chairs at the table.

Obfusco congratulates his gorgeous ham sandwiches and gives them another word problem. They solve it and figure out how many worms they need for each Featherite. Obfusco tells them the Featherites need one cup for each of their mouths. While Otto stalls the Featherites, Olive and Oscar put out four cups. But Otto realizes the Featherites have 5 mouths each.

Olive and Oscar put out 20 cups just as the Featherites arrive. Like a beautiful banana in kangaroo city, Obfusco presents Ms. O. The Featherites are satisfied with the lunch. After it ends, though, Ms. O tells them that they can prepare the Mole People dinner... with Obfuscolina next week.