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For the villainess that appears in Season 3's "Train of Thoughts" with a similar name, please see Threesie Louise-ie.

Threesie Three-Three is a villainess specializing in things relating to the number 3 and its multiples. She appears in Broadcast Three of the Odd Squadcast and is initially accused of being the culprit of the odd attack within Headquarters, but is found to be innocent. As an offer of forgiveness, the Big O allows her to become temporary host of the Squadcast, where she hosts "The Number 3 with Threesie Three-Three" segment.


True to her name, Threesie Three-Three has a habit of needing to repeat things 3 times. She also has a tendency to be literal-minded at times, such as taking "spill the beans" to mean literally spilling a can of beans, and loves watching batters in baseball strike out.

Appearances (vocal only)